14 Oct 2010 – Day 2 of Shantou Trip

There weren’t many attractions at Shantou, so we decided to check out a major travel agency 中囯旅行社 which happened to have a branch at our hotel lobby.  Due to our last minute decision and time constraint, options were limited.  We opted for a trip to Jiangxi 江西的三清山 which depart on 15 Oct.  As for today, we headed to the island of Nan’ao 南澳岛.

Boarding the ferry at 莱芜码头 to Nan’ao island.  This ferry carries both passengers and vehicles.

Arriving at the island and was met by this majestic building up in the middle of the hill.

1st stop was a visit to this well 宋井 constructed during the Sung Dynasty.  Locals believe that drinking from the well help preserve one’s youthfulness.  Above is the main entrance.

Statues of the last prince of the Sung Dynasty, his mother, a minister and a general escotting them here when the Sung Dynasty was defeated by the mongolian.

Path leading to the well.

A boulder with the words “Sung Well” inscribed on it.

A pavillion along the path to the well.

2nd stop 青澳湾 is where we had our lunch at a restaurant by the sea.  After lunch, had a stroll on the beach.  Beach was quite deserted as shown above.

A small island just a little distance off the beach.

A local fisherman.

The fisherman and his boat.

3rd stop is Gold-Silver Island 金銀岛.  Locals believe it was used by pirates in the old days to store their treasures, which is how it has gotten its name.  Today, it is nothing more than a small hill protruding out to the sea.  There is a oyster farm just off the coast.

Workers working on the farm.

4th stop is small temple called 南山寺。Nothing too shoot, so just took a shot of the lanterns above.

5th stop is 总兵府, a museum showcases past generals that held office here.

Dried seafood sold at shops just outside of 总兵府。

Dried shrimps.

As I found nothing much of interest in the museum, ventured into the nearby small village.  Above is a side alley.

An interesting local mode of transport know as 拖拉机。

Entrance to a village house.

A live seafood eatery in the small village.

 A butcher selling pork.  In China, pork are sold exposed, not chilled, even in cities.

6th stop is this dried seafood wholesaler.  Found out later that prices were cheaper at those small shops by the jetty.

 Just across the road from the wholesaler is this beautiful beach.  Many trawlers were moored there.

A row of shops by the jetty selling dried seafood and handicrafts.

Some of the dried seafood available.

Locals selling live crabs at the jetty.

Live crabs.

Another spices of live crabs being sold there.

Arrival of our ferry to take us back to the mainland.

These stumbs are for the bridge connecting Nan’ao island to the mainland.  The bridge is scheduled to be completed by 2012.

Had supper at this porridge stall.  Customers get to choose what they like in the porridge.  Choices are fish, shrimp, pork, and pig innards.

After supper, took a walk at the night market.  Above is the mall just beside our hotel.

Some of the shops at the night market.

A shop selling buns.

This street is closed to vehicles.  Row of shops on both sides.

End of the pedestrian walkway, also the end of a tiring day.


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