15 Oct 2010 – Day 3 of Shantou Trip

Today, we will be heading to Jiangxi on a 5 days trip, but train won’t leave till 6pm in the evening.  With a day to kill, we headed down to the local market place.  Where else better than the market place to get a good glimpse of local life!

Most markets in China are open air along streets, but we came across this sheltered one.  It’s pretty dim and wet with a bit of foul smell inside.  Here is a stall selling cooked meat.

Live poultry are available at these wet markets.  Customer get to choose before the stallholder slaughter them.

At a butcher stall, pork are lay on the table for customer to see and select.

An egg stall inside the sheltered wet market.

On the way to the open air wet market, we came across this dim-sum stall.

Cooked meat are sold in the open without any cover.

Live poultry and even rabbits are available.

A whole cage of live snakes.

Finally we arrived at the crowded open-air wet market.

A butcher having a brisk business.

Another butcher.  Notice that most shots were taken from afar?  People here were very vary of others point a camera at them.

Workers removing feathers from slaughtered chicken.  There place was really messy and dirty.

A fishmonger with fish placed on the floor just over some plastics sheets and styrofoam boards.  No ice was used to keep the fish fresh.

Another fishmonger.

After a long and tiring walk at the wet markets, we decide to try this pig innards soup.  Notice the pig blood in the wok?  Pig blood is no longer available in Singapore, so how can we resist the temptation to try!

After a good afternoon rest in anticipation of the long 12 hours train journey, we headed to the train station to board our train to Nanchang 南昌。

This is aisle inside the train cabin.  The bunks on the left were where we spent the next 12 hours.


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