17 Oct 2010 – Day 5 of Shantou Trip

A very early start for today, morning call at 5.30 am, breakfast at 6.00 am, and off we went at 6.30 am.

Arrived at 7.30 am and there was already a large crowd of visitors.  Sanqingshan 三清山is 50km north of Yushan city 玉山县.  It’s made up of 3 main peaks, 玉京、玉虚、玉华三峰, which is how it derived its name.  The main peak 玉京峰 is 1816.9m above sea level.  三清山有奇峰48座,怪石89处,景物景观300多处.

Here is a site, http://www.sanqing.com/, where you can get more information on  三清山.  Or do a search and you’ll probably find many more sites with useful information.

Only access to the mountain is by cable cars which bring visitors a third of the distance up the mountain.  The rest of the upward journey involved steep steps and winding paths.  It was foggy and cold in the morning, but the fog cleared and weather got warmer as the sun rose higher.  In fact we were perspiring profusely later doing all those climbing.

Alighting from the cable car, we took this wind path followed by steep stpes up the mountain.  Views from up above were fantastic.

This shot gives a better view of how steep the cliff is.  Looking down can be quite scary for those with Acrophobia.

A good view of rocks formations, and there are many of them especially on the western side of the mountains.  Does the one right in the center look like a cobra?

This cobra lookalike rock formation is called 巨蟒出山.


Shooting upwards and with a clear bright sky, captured the silhouette of a goddess like rock formation named 女神峰.  This rock statue is about 86m tall and is located on the sourthern side of the mountains.

The rock at the top looks like an old man enjoying his tea and the scenery.

Another magnificent rock formation.

A narrow passage where 2 cliffs almost meet.

After a long and tiring walk, we were still nowhere near the top from the look of this shot.

Finally, we were above the clouds and abled to look at the mountain ridges in the distant.

Another great view of the near and distant mountain range.

A shakey suspension bridge where macho men like to shake to show off to their lady counterpart…..gerrrr

These 5 peaks in a row is known as 五老朝圣 or 五老朝拝.

Look like someone leaning on the rock.  Didn’t manage to get its name.

A top view of the “Cobra” 巨蟒出山.

These pillars of rocks are called 万笏朝天.

仙人指道 or “Fairy showing the way”.  Wondered if that’s the index or middle finger.

One of the serveral resting areas where visitors can get refreshment and visit to the loo.  Drinks were 3 to 5 times the price one usually pay due to the laborious task of bring them up there.  However, we hardly rested there due to the pungent ammonia stench from the over-used loo.

Another look at the “Cobra” from a different angle.

Love this shot with the nice blue sky behind.

思春女神 was taken just outside the restaurant at the top of the mountain where we had our lunch.  Lunch was simple with mainly vegetables, but still we were appreciative considering the laborious task of bring up the food.

On our way down, took a shot of these sedan chairs.  These sedan chair services is a mean for those who would like to go up but unable physically.

Here was a board showing the prices for the sedan chair services.  Understood that it’ll be laborious for 2 persons to carry another uphill, the prices were still expensive even to foreigners like us, not to mention the locals.  Which was why we hardly saw anyone engaging the services.

Leaving Sanqingshan 三清山, we travelled about 2 hours to Wuyuan 婺源 where we were be staying for the night.  As usual for package tour, we were brought to this loacl produces shop on our way where we could shop for local delicacy and candies.

Finally, we checked into this hotel for our much need rest to recuperate for another long day tomorrow.


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