Dual Flashes Setup for Macro Photography

Instead of spending more money on a Ring Flash, DIY this setup with my exisiting flashes using the ULCS arms and clamps from my Underwater Setup.  This makes the setup rather heavy but still manageable.  Total weight is about 3.3kg.

This setup was used on the last outing at AMK Town Park on 30 October 2010.  As can be seen from those photos, the lighting is pretty good and shadows are minimum.


~ by grbenji on 01/11/2010.

2 Responses to “Dual Flashes Setup for Macro Photography”

  1. Hi! I edit a photography blog http://www.picture-power.com. I am researching an article about macro photography, in particular, insect photography. I would like to use one of these pictures to help demonstrate the types of extra effort needed to create amazing pictures of insects. Is it OK if I use one of the pictures in this post? I will give you full credit, however I am not able to provide a link back. Thanks! Scott

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