Woodneuk House @Tyersall Avenue

Went with 2 buddies yesterday afternoon to this spooky deserted Woodneuk House that is nested on a hill top near to where the Singapore Botanic Gardens is. Getting there requires climbing over some fences, walking pass bushes and scaling a rather steep slope.  The place though run down, was really nice and quiet except for a couple of workers nearby.

#1 – Reminiscence of its past glory.

#2 – An HDR version of its once magnificent glory.

#3 – The once grand staircase in the hall.

#4 – View of the grand staircase from the upper floor.

#5 – Here is where chefs whipped up grand feast suited for the sultan and his family.

#6 – Deserted corridor where now only the spirits of its past masters may wander in the dead of the night.

#7 – Dark desert hallway.

#8 – Mother nature reclaiming what was once hers.

Today 13 September 2011, six month later, decided to reprocess one of the shot with HDR Efex Pro.



~ by grbenji on 03/03/2011.

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