Syonan Jinja @MacRitchie

Today, with 3 very good buddies, we went in search of the forgotten Japanese shrine Syonan Jinja located deep inside MacRitchie forest.

We met at the end of Rifle Range Road at about 7:30am and started tracking toward Jelutong Tower,  It took us almost an hour to reach the tower, and we sent some time at the top taking in the scenery.  While at the top of the tower, we researched on some information about the shrine and decided to take a different path.  We headed towards the Ranger Station along the Sime Trail.  From here, we took the Terentang trail.  Somewhere along Terentang trail, 2 large boulders marks the branch off into bushes towards the shrine.  Here on, we  hiked through dense vegetation, thorny plants, and climbed over fallen trees.  Took us almost 3 hours to find the shrine remains.

Spent about 45 minutes taking photographs, we started our journey out at around 12:15pm.  Based on the map which showed a shorter distance if we head westward towards the trail that run alongside SICC golf course, we made this dreadful mistake.  The vegetation here is much more dense and difficult to pass through.  Using GPS and compass from iPhones which weren’t very accurate, we seem to move very little and in circle.  The iPhones satellite signal were also intermittent.  After tracking for 2 hours, we were by now tired, hungry and a little worried.  We started to discuss our options.  Heading back the direction we came from was quickly ruled out as by now we could also have problem tracing back to the shrine.  Calling for help is put on hold as it would be embarrassing, and furthermore we weren’t sure of our exact location.  So we decided to press on in a southwesterly direction.  We will about to gave up and call for help by 3:30pm when we finally hit the Sime trail.  Words can’t express how relieve we will upon seeing the trail after scaling a small slope.

After taking a much need rest, we hiked back to Rifle Range where our cars were.  This is one adventure that I would remember for a long time and unlikely to repeat anytime soon.

Here are some of the photos of the shrine remains.


~ by grbenji on 10/03/2011.

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