From Sunrise@Changi to Sunset@Ubin

A very long and tiring day on Friday 18 March 2011.

Woke up at 5:30 am and went to Changi Beach to join Jeffrey at 6:30 am for sunrise shoot.   After sunrise shoot, we proceeded to Changi Village for breakfast as well as met up with Yilin and Jayce for our adventure to Pulau Ubin.

Took the ferry to Ubin and rented a bicycle each for $8/day.  First destination is headed westward to the highest view point on the island.  On the way, took shots of the floodgate and also the jumping spider that we found on the railings.

A short climb to the peak, the view was breathe-taking.  After here, we continued our cycle to the north of the island.  By now is already early afternoon, we were hungry and dark clouds were looming above us.  We headed back to the village for our lunch cum replenished our water ration.

After lunch, we headed eastward.  A short journey and we were at the Police Jetty.  Tide is low by now and we could walk out on the rocky beach to take our shots.  After here, we headed to the much publicized Chek Jawa.  By now we were extremely tired and I was experiencing cramps on the legs.  However, we continue our walk on the broad walk and took shots too.

Before calling it a day, we headed back to the beach at the village for our sunset shoot.  Finally, around 7pm, we make our boat journey back to the mainland.

Reached home slightly after 8 pm.  Total of about 14 hours of adventure.

#01 – Sunrise@Changi

#01.1 – Added another shot.

#1.1 Reprocessed to brighten foreground.  Kept both for comparison.

#02 – Sunrise@Changi

#03 – Floodgate

#04 – View from Pulau Ubin highest point.

#05- Quarry view from the highest peak.

#06 – View from Pulau Ubin highest point.

#07 – North side of Pulau Ubin.

#08 – Loneliness

#09 – Police Jetty

#10 – Low tide at the Police Jetty.

#11 – Chek Jawa’s visitor centre

#12 – Chek Jawa’s visitor centre

#13 – Chek Jawa Wetland

#14 – Jetty at Chek Jawa

#15 – Low tide at Chek Jawa.

#16 – Chek Jawa broad walk

#17 – Lonely Death

#18 – Sunset@Ubin

#18 – Reprocessed to brighten foreground subject.  Kept both for comparison.

#18 – Reprocessed to change colour tone.

#19 – Only macro shot, a jumping spider.


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