Night Macro @Lower Pierce Reservoir

Joined a night macro event organised by stevewhy in ClubSnap at Lower Pierce Reservoir last night.  Below were some of the bugs captured.

#01- Plant Hopper


#03 – House Centipede

#04 – House Centipede closeup

#05 – Huntsman Spider


#07 – Caterpillar

#08 – Jumping Spider

#09 – Scorpion




~ by grbenji on 03/04/2011.

5 Responses to “Night Macro @Lower Pierce Reservoir”

  1. Hello, your photos are really very nice, i like the feel of ur photos. Im new in photography, can u guide me and teach me some skills? XD
    i love your landscape, what lens do u use for landscape? im currently using a Canon 550D with a 18-135 kit lens. Hope to hear from u soon :)thank you very much for ur time

    • Hi Zhenrui,

      Thanks for your interest in my blog. You’ve caught me off my foot, I’ve no idea where to start as I do not know how much you are familiar with photography.

      1. For the very basic, you can search the net for resources on the Aperture, Shutter and ISO relationship.
      2. For landscape, there are online guides for landscape composition.

      The easier way to learn is to join some organized outings which you can find in forums like ClubSnap. ClubSnap forums is also a good platform for sharing and learning.

      I’m using an UWA lens, the Tokina 11-16mm, mainly for landscape shoot. You can still use your 18-135mm but it may not be wide enough at times on a cropped sensor camera like your 550D. I also use filters like ND and GND.

      Feel free to ask here if you think I can help.


      • Hi Koh, Thanks for your reply. I got a few qns, hope u can help me.

        1. Why is there a need to buy lens with diff “mm”, what i meant is i saw alot people saying, 16-35mm is good for landscape and 11-16mm as u said is for landscape, but what if i have a 18-135mm, does it solve the problem ? A 24-70 too, my 18-135 can also zoom till 27 to 70mm.

        2.Do you do any editing in your photos?

        3. I saw your landscape photo,i love the feel of your landscape with sea water, it seem very calm and foggy feel, how did u do that.Thats awesome man 🙂

        4.This sun im going for my first sunrise shooting, can u give me some tips ? XD

        Sorry for all this noob QNS !! hope u don mind 🙂
        Thanks for your help again, really appreciate your help.

      • Hi Zhenrui,

        From your 1st question, can tell you lack some basic knowledge on photography. Below is a very good website on photography basic, have a good read and it’ll give you a better understanding and aids you in fully utilizing your equipment.

        Here is another website that discuss on good landscape composition. It’s a good read since you are keen on landscape photography.

        2. I use photoshop CS5 to do post processing.

        3. Calm or foggy water is the effect of long exposure. Set shutter to 15s or higher, a tripod is needed. If smallest aperture and base ISO of 100 can’t give you 15s shutter without over exposure, then ND filter is required (ND=neutral density).

        4. Very difficult to give tips like this as every situation is different. Of course you need a tripod. Are you shooting alone or with someone experience?

        I and a group of photographers are shooting macro tomorrow morning 7am at Admiralty Park, they also do and are experience in landscape. If you are keen, can join us too. Is always easier to explain on site when shooting. You can also get to see their equipment and ask questions. Give me your contact if interested and I’ll call you.


  2. Hey Koh, really thanks for your help on all this website, i will go read more about photography. Im sorry i cant join you guys for the shooting at admiralty, im currently staying in France.
    once again thanks for all the help 🙂

    cheers and do take care

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