Trip to Kelong and Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

On 15 April 2011 6am, 7 of us in 2 cars driven by Lew and myself headed over to Malaysia Tanjung Leman jetty on the east coast.  However, our schedule was pushed back by an hour due to 1 member overslept.  En route, we stopped for breakfast, before reaching the jetty at 10am, an hour late.

As we had notified the kelong operator, boat was there waiting for us.  Boat journey was a short half hour.  After settling down, we had our lunch.  There were 3 tables of seven, just nice we had a table to our own.  Meals were four dishes plus soup with steam rice.  Nothing fantastic but reasonably good.  Spent the rest of the afternoon fishing, chatting and just laying around till evening.  As non of us had any experience fishing, we managed only a few pathetic small fishes.

Around 6pm while we were preparing for our sunset shoot, the bell rang for dinner.  However, we decided to proceed with our shoot, which is our objective of coming here, as dinner could wait.  Too our surprise, part of our food was eaten by 3 other guests who preferred to sit at our table.  As we had late dinner, supper was being served while we were still chatting at the dinner table.  Supper was pipping hot horfun and green bean soup.

Most of us retired to our bunk after shower.  Most of us had a good rest and woke up half hour past 5 and ready ourselves for the sunrise shoot.  Unfortunately, the sun was shy this morning and hid behind some low clouds.

Breakfast was simple fried rice that all of us, except Lew, skipped.  Nothing much for us to do for the rest of the morning than to pack our belongings.  Finished our lunch, and the seven of us took the smaller boat back to Tanjung Leman Jetty.  Though the boat is small, it’s much faster.

Back at the Jetty, we visited the KFC restaurant just next to it for cold refreshment as it was a very hot afternoon.  After the cold drink and feeling refreshed plus it was only 1:30pm, we decide to visit Kota Tinggi waterfalls.  However, en route there the weather took a severe turn for the worst.  Nonetheless, we proceed as planned.  It was still raining when we arrived at Kota Tinggi and we took shelter at the cafe there.  Sky cleared around 4:30pm and we started our shoot.

We headed back to Kota Tinggi town for dinner at about 6pm.  Dinner was great.  We had pig trotter thai style, steam sultan fish, ginger frog, oyster omelette,  sweet potato leaves and bitter gourd soup with steam rice.  Total damage was about RM230, still on the expensive side.

All good thing must come to an end, we headed back to Singapore at around 8pm.  Met a slight congestion before the Johor immigration complex and reached home by 10pm.

Here are some of the photos taken on the trip.

#01 – Group photo taken at the KFC restaurant just beside Tanjung Leman jetty.

#02 – The corridor that runs round the perimeter of the kelong platform.

#03 – A trawler berthed alongside the kelong.

#04 – A trawler alongside.

#05 – Toilet and shower facilities.  The hose outside cubicles are for guests to fill the 2 tubs provided inside the each cubicle to have their shower.

#06 – The hut where all those blue drums were just outside is the generator room.  The other hut next to it is the kitchen where our meals were whipped up.

#07 – These were our bunks made up of double decker beds lined up side by side.  The entire roof of the kelong is laid with attap, which is pretty good at keep the place cool even during the hot afternoon sun.  Fans were provided for those who need a bit more comfort in order to sleep.

#08 – Here is where we dined right in the middle of the platform.

#09 –  An opening inside the platform.  No idea of its purpose.

#10 – The lounge where we had a game of carom  before we had our last meal and left the place.

#11 – The stilts that supported the kelong.

#12 – A closer look at the stilts.

#13 – Our 2 most enthusiastic and hardworking anglers among us.

#14 – And their hard works finally paid off albeit a small one.

#15 – And then a 4-in-a-row!!

#16 – Me trying my luck at fishing.

#17 – Me fishing into the sunset.

#18 – Sunset over at the kelong.

#19 – Dawn is breaking.

#20 – Beautiful sunrise.

#21 – The sun is up behind Sibu Island.

#22 – Another group photo taken at Tanjung Leman.

#23 – Kota Tinggi’s main waterfall.

#24 – Path leading to the second waterfall.

#25 – The 2nd waterfall at Kota Tinggi.


~ by grbenji on 17/04/2011.

5 Responses to “Trip to Kelong and Kota Tinggi Waterfalls”

  1. hi, I always love the slow-motion pics u have of water bodies, like your waterfall. I am new to ND/Polarizer filters etc, but am curious to know whether a Hoya ND8 will give me the same effect (on my Nikon D5000). Any tips would be appreciated.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your interest in my blog.

      For those long exposure shots that gave calm water surface, a 15s or longer will do. Whether a ND8 (3-stop) is suffiecient depend on how bright it is. I’ve a 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10-stop filters. Some were even taken without filter if it is very early in the morning or just after the sun has gone below the horizon.

      For waterfalls, a 1/10s or there about (depends on how fast water flowing) will give you the smokey effect and yet can see the water ripples on the surface like my #25. If you exposed it longer like 15s or more, it will be like #23 where the water surface becomes calm. For landscape shots, can always retry by making minor adjustment to settings.

      Hope above help.


  2. thanks for the tips Koh.
    I love #23, but 15s I thought it is 3 s or less daytime. If 15s, I believe 3-stop filter will also overexpose. (is #23 on iso100?). Then I thought about 10-Stop (Hoya ND400), more expensive, and I am worried I only use once in blue moon. thanks,andy

  3. Hi, do you have a website where I can check for routes to the waterfall in Kota tinggi? As for the kelong, do you know how I can check the arrival and departure times of the boats from Tanjung Leman to the Kelong? Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks Jing Yang for dropping by my blog. For directions to Kota Tinggi, you can either use a GPS or Google Map to search for it. Easier this way.

      From what I know, there are 4 kelongs at Sibu offering overnight fishing. The one I had been to is Hot Boys Fishing. Here is their website where you can find more info and also make booking. As for ferry, they will arrange with you depend on the time you can make it to Tamjung Leman jetty. Hope these help.

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