Sunday Night Macro @Rifle Range Trail

After the morning macro shoot at Venus Drive, we proceeded for lunch at Sembawang Hill hawker centre.  There, Ben decided that he wanted a new torch for seaching and spotting bugs.  A few of us accompanied him to Beach Road Army Market, before Ben settle for a torch at a shop in Funan IT Mall.

Though tired, Ben was keen to put his new torch to the test and suggested we do some night macro shoot that very night.  So after dinner, we headed over to Rifle Range.    No regret as we were rewarded with some great finds like mating Longhorn and Tiger beetles.

#01 – Mating Longhorn Beetles

#02 – A satisfied look after job was done.

#3 – Bronze Tiger Beetles – mounting.

#4 – Bronze Tiger Beetles – penetrating.

#5 – Another pair prefered doing it upside down.

#6 – Yet another pair prefered to have an audience.

#07 – A Japanese Tiger Beetle feasting on an ant.

#08 – Molding spider.

#09 – Molded spider.  Quite a large scary one with body length alone of about 3cm.

#10 – A beetle with fan-like  feelers.

#11 – A small little beetle, less than 5mm, non stop crawling around the trunk.

#12 – A jumping spider guarding its nest.


~ by grbenji on 17/05/2011.

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