The Pinnacle @Duxton #2

Decided to continue my shoot of The Pinnacle @Duxton today.  Went to several locations to find a good view, and managed to located 2 out of 4 places visited.

The first one was at Pearl Centre, and here is a shot taken in the afternoon.

#1 – Taken from Pearl Centre multi-storey carpark.

As it was still early, decided to check out another location.  Headed over to Block 532 Hong Lim Park and took these shots from 15 floor.

#2 – A shot of The Pinnacle @Duxton with Chinatown in the foreground.

#3 – The Pinnacle @Duxton

#4 – Nightscape of Chinatown and The Pinnacle @Duxton.

#5 – The contrast of old Chinatown with modern Pinnacle @Duxton.

#6 – One more shot of Chinatown and Th Pinnacle @Duxton.

#7 – The magnificent Pinnacle @Duxton glows in the night.

Then went back to Pearl Centre to take another nightscape shot.

#8 – Nightscape of The Pinnacle @Duxton viewed from Pearl Centre.


~ by grbenji on 17/06/2011.

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