Rail Road Walk

Sunday 19 June 2011, joined The Green Corridor for a morning walk along the rail road track from the Old Holland Road to Upper Bukit Timah.  As the rail road will no longer be used from next month and likely to be removed once returned to the Singapore Government, took this opportunity to pay it a visit as well as capture some of its glory before they are gone.

#1 – The rail passing under the Old Holland Road.

#2 – A nice location to capture a North-bound train.

#3 – The disappearing rail road of Singapore

#4 – Here comes the cho cho train.

#5 – Get out of the way!!

#6 – There goes the last Singapore train.

#7 – Sign meant to show the next station.

#8 – The once busy Bukit Timah Station is once again bustling with people today.

#9 – Take one last look before they are all gone!

#10 – Photog or model?

#11 – Look like a Pro?


~ by grbenji on 20/06/2011.

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