Exploring Johor

Went exploring Johor on Tuesday 21 June 2011.  First stop, drove to the end of Jalan Sungai Danga to this rustic remote village that faces Singapore across the Johor Straits.

#01 – A fisherman pushing his boat out to sea.  Look at the mud!

#02 – Singapore can be seen across the Johor Straits.

#03 – An abandon boat sitting in the mud.

#04 – One of the many floating jetties used by fishermen for loading and unloading.

#05 – A villager working on the jetty.

Next stop, a long drive to Kukup on the western part of Johor facing the Melacca Straits.  Arriving at Kukup, we took a walk into the village by the sea.

#06 – Small boat like this is used by Kukup fish farm owners and workers to move around.

#07 – Fishing boats berth alongside Kukup village.

#08 – One of the many jetties at Kukup village.

After the walk, it was time for lunch.  We choose the big restaurant there, which was just beside the ferry terminal.  We had Oats Prawns, Steam Live Fish and Salted Egg Crabs with steam rice.

#09 – Prawns in Oats for RM20.  The oats tasted nice but prawns weren’t very fresh.

#10 – Steam local live fish @RM44.  A little on the expensive side.

#11 – Salted egg crabs.  Though crabs isn’t big but this was delicious.  However, it was expensive @RM49 for 3 crabs that probably weighs about 1kg.

#12 – This was our lunch for RM123.60 with steam rice, a coke and a fresh coconut.  Not cheap eating seafood at Kukup at all.

After lunch, paid RM25 for 2 for a boat ride around Kukup floating fish farms, stopped over at a floating fish farm and a visit to Pulau Kukup mangrove wetland reserve.

#13 – A view from the boat ride on Kukup village.

#14 – Another view of Kukup village from the boat.

#15 – One of the many floating fish farms at Kukup.

#16 – A place of worship in Kukup village.

#17 – Another floating fish farm at Kukup.

#18 – The ferry terminal at Kukup.

#19 – On a floating fish farm.  Here we spent some time looking around while the boat went to pick other visitors and came back for us later.

#20 – The boat that brought us around for RM25.  Next stop is Pulau Kukup.

#21 – The main jetty at Pulau Kukup.

#22 – A map of Kukup Island.  Paid RM5 person for admission to the wetland reserve by speaking in Malay.  Foreigner is supposed to pay RM10 for admission.

#23 – The start of the mangrove swamp boardwalk.  This birdge links the main jetty to the boardwalk.

#24 – A suspension bridge in the reserve.

#25 – Crossing this bridge is a bit scary as it is shakey and the railing not very high.

#26 – The boardwalk into the mangrove swamp.

#27 – Mangroves line both banks of the river.

#28 – A bridge that we used to get back to the same side after crossing the suspension bridge earlier.

#29 – A lower unrailed boardwalk allows visitors to get close to nature.

#30 – Signboard showing visitors the prices for river boat rides.

#31 – The jetty meant for river boat rides but no boat in sight.

#32 – Shot of the jety from atop the observatory tower.

#33 – View of the mangrove canopy from the observatory tower.

#34 – Back at the main jetty waiting for our boat.

As it was still early, at least 2 hours before sunset, decided to head home.  On our way back, stopped by Danga Bay marina and took some nice sunset shots.

#35 – Very nice yolk.

#36 – Another shot of the beautiful sunset.

#37 – The sun hid behind the clouds gave a very nice glow to the sky.

#38 – And the final shot taken with Lee Big Stopper to get the smooth and calm effect.


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