Singapore Last Railway

This afternoon, went to shoot the disused railway bridge over the Pandan River at Sunset Way.  Then proceeded to the Bukit Timah Station to shoot two trains passing each other at the station.

#01 – The railway bridge over Pandan river viewed from Sunset Way.

#02 – The bridge viewed from a higher angle.

#03 – A wider view shows the new development taken place around the bridge.

#04 – The bridge viewed from Clementi side.

#05 – Maintenance vehicles at Bukit Timah Station.

#06 – Maintenance vehicles moved onto by-pass track to allow north and south bound trains to pull into station.

#07 – Maintenance vehicle separated.

#08 – Separated mainntenance vehicle on the by-pass track.

#09 – No idea what this maintenance vehicle does.

#10 – A south-bound train pulled into Bukit Timah Station by-pass track to allow an on-coming north-bound train to pass.

#11 – A north-bound train pulling through Bukit Timah Station with the south-bound train waiting on the by-pass track.

Here are a few of my buddies that shot with me on the day.

#12 – Clement

#13 – Nicknamed 10

#14 – What’s there?

#15 – Jeff

#16 – More of Jeff

#17 – Jeff in serious work.


~ by grbenji on 23/06/2011.

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