Singapore National Day Parade Rehearsal

Another NDP rehearsal, another opportunity to shoot fireworks.

Together with several shooting buddies, we selected MBS Art-Science museum as the location.  However, it was a bad choice as we were too near the actions and had to tilt our lenses upwards quite a bit.

Anyway, I did bring my 70-200mm f/2.8 and Canon EF 2x Extender to capture some of the military crafts manoeuvres.

#01 – Caught 2 dosed off and 1 gaming on his phone while on duty!

#02 – Crowds @Merlion waiting for the display to begin.

#03 – A naval craft doing its manoeuvres.

#04 – Copter against the evening sky.

#05 – Copter hovered over the “Durians”.

#06 – Chinook dropping off divers.

#07 – Apache doing a vertical stunt.

#08 – State flag fly pass.

#09 – F15 fly pass.

#10 – 21 guns salute.

#11 – Cloud of smoke from the gun fired.

#12 – City skyline before the fireworks.

#13 – Fireworks.

#14 – More fireworks.


~ by grbenji on 24/07/2011.

2 Responses to “Singapore National Day Parade Rehearsal”

  1. Nice pics you have.

    For your info, the fighter jets are F15 eagles. A distinct feature of F15 is twin jet, instead of a single jet in F16.

    Just so you know, and make amendments on your photos =)


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