Sunset @LCK Jetty #2

Wasn’t too happy with the day before shoot, went back yesterday evening for another try.  This time we were luckier with 2 fishermen casting their nets and also willing to pose for us.  Setting sun and sky were also better than the day before.

#1 – Fisherman 1, Abang Siva, posing for the camera.

#2 – Siva casting his net.

#3 – Silhouette 1

#4 – Silhouette 2

#5 – Silhouette 3

#6 – Silhouette 4

#7 – Another shot of Siva casting his net from a distant.

#8 – My 2 enthusiastic buddies capturing the fast setting sun.

#9 – The same boat but taken with flash on this time.

#10 – One final shot of the boat.

#11 – Fisherman 2 casting his net amid the setting sun.  Didn’t get his name.

#12 – Silhouette of fisherman 2 casting his net.


~ by grbenji on 27/07/2011.

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