Downtown Walkabout #2

Yesterday evening went walkabout around town. Start from Orchard Road 313, then to CHIJMES. Finally end at Marina Bay Sands to capture its

glory and reflections

#1 – Fisheye view of MBS & its reflection

#2 – A diiferent view of MBS

#3 – Another view of MBS and its reflection

#4 – The Flyer view from MBS

#5 – Flyer and reflection

#6 – Art Science Museum

#7 – Art Science Museum

#8 – The Shoppe

#9 – Whirlpool @MBS


Earlier in the evening at Orchard 313, took some shot of this nicely decorated shop, Marche.

#10 – Marche @313

Then headed over to CHIJMES and spent an hour roaming around for angle to capture its magnificent glory.


#12 – Fountain @CHIJMES

#13 – The Cathedral @CHIJMES


~ by grbenji on 06/10/2011.

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