A Day on a Rustic Isle

Yesterday was Deepavali, the Festival of lights, and a public holiday. Went to Pulua Ubin for some cycling and shooting.

Almost abandoned the plan as it started to pour when we reached Changi Ferry Terminal. Decided to go over to Tampines Mall for a bite and wait it out. Luckily it frizzled out and we proceeded as plan.

Immediately after we rented our bikes, it started to drizzle again and sky was really threatening. Thankfully, drizzle was light and it was just on and off only.

Here are some of the shot taken.

#1 – Vistors Centre at Chek Java

#2 – Jetty at Chek Java

#3 – Chek Java Boardwalk

#4 – Lonely Death

#5 – One of the few disused quarries on the island.

#6 – My companion

#7 – Old shack

#8 – The bike that accompanied me on my round island trip.

#9 – Boats owned by some islanders.

#10 – Another shot of the berthed boats.


~ by grbenji on 27/10/2011.

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