Semakau Landfill Trip

Organized a trip to Semakau landfill on 30 Oct 2011. Booking was made in early June 2011 with NEA (National Environment Agency) but no earlier slot available due to high numbers of requests. Going to the island required us to chartered our own ferry. Chartered ferries have capacities for 12, 30, 45 and 60, and we decided on 12 as it was unlikely to get a group of 30.

The 12 slots will open to members of our facebook group, the Macroholics and were filled up within a week. However after more than 4 months, 5 of them no longer able to make it and we managed to get only 1 replacement.

On the day, we met at West Coast Pier to board our ferry. Never did we anticipate that we need to clear immigration for travel to a local island. Although NRIC is sufficient for locals and PR, one member unfortunately didn’t have it with her. So finally out of 12, only 7 set foot on the beautiful island.

We spent the first 2 hours from 1:30pm listening to a presentation and then followed by a tour of the landfill anf its fascilties. After that, we were left on our own as planned to explore island. We stayed for sunset shoot but sky was very cloudy. We left after dark at 7:30pm. It was a long and exhausting day, but definitely a trip worth making.

#1 – The 7 who made it.

#2 – Sunset @Semakau

#3 – A road you can walk right in the middle while watching the beautiful sunset.

#4 – Replanted mangroves created a canal bewteen the mangrove and the shore.

#5 – Mud flat at Pulau Semakau.

#6 – At both ends of the bund is a channel openning for water to flow in and out during tide changes.  This channel will be seal in phase 2 when the lagoon is ready to be used as landfill which is expected to last till 2045.

#7 – This lagoon is huge and is expected to last as landfill for 30 years.

#8 – Vegetation flourishing on the island.


~ by grbenji on 31/10/2011.

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