Gardens by the Bay

Parts of Gardens by the Bay are open to public this week in conjunction with the 20th World Orchid Conference held at MBS. Went down to check out the partially completed gardens and took some shot.

#1 – These structures are called Supertrees.  3 of them greet visitors at the main entrance.  The dome at the background is the yet to be opened Cloud Forest.

#2 – Looking from another angle at the 3 supertrees at the entrance, MBS can be seen at the background.

#3 – One of the few foot paths leading down to the Dragonfly Lake.

#4 – A HDR version.

#5 – Looking across the Dragonfly lake are another 3 supertrees at the Silver Garden with Singapore Flyer in the background.

#6 – The same view after dark.

#7 – A HDR version of the supertrees at the entrance.

#8 – The Flower Dome on the left and Cloud Forest on the right viewed across the Dragonfly Lake.  The supertrees is at the Silver Garden.

#9 – The Flower Dome.


~ by grbenji on 15/11/2011.

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