New Year of the Dragon Celebration

Went last Saturday to the Singapore River Hongbao (春到河畔) and Chinatown (牛車水) to soak in the festive atmosphere and capture some of the decorations and moments.

#1 – Large figure of an immortal who toss “gold flakes” at period moment.  Visitors were seen grabbing them for good luck and prosperity.

#2 – Dragon figurine for Year of the Dragon.

#3 – Another Dragon figure.

#4 – Yet another of the many on display.

#5 – Birds!  No idea why they were there, probably due to sponser being Jurong Bird Park.

#6 – 春到河畔

#7 – 牛車水, Chinatown’s deco for the celebrations.

#8 – Lion figurines

#9 – Lion figurines

#10 – Hustle and bustle at Chinatown.

#11 – Aerial view of Chinatown.

#12 – Chinatown from a vantage point.

#13 – Chinese Sausages.

#14 – Chinese sausages and waxed ducks.

#15 – Cookies

#16 – Buying of sweets and candies for the New Year.


~ by grbenji on 23/01/2012.

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