Night Macro @Lower Pierce Reservoir

Having been neglecting my MP-E65, decided to bring it out for a walk.  Together with a couple of macro buddies, we did a night shoot at Lower Pierce Reservoir last night from 8pm right past midnight.  It was a spiders night and here are those captured ones.

#1 – Lichen Spider feasting on its prey.

#2 – Another shot of the Lichen Spider and its prey.

#3 – A closer look of it.

#4 – A female 2-Tails Spider.  Unfortunately, it lost its life to a scorpion laying in ambush while trying to get away from our attention.  RIP

#5 – The female 2-Tails Spider caught in the scorpion’s claw.

#6 – Another look at its agony death.

#7 – Time to enjoy the catch.

#8 – Yummy spidy!!

#9 – Huntsman Spider.

#10 – Another Huntsman Spider.

#11 – One more shot of the Huntsman Spider

#12 – A Harvestman (It’s not a spider)

#13 – Close-up of a Wolf Spider.

#14 – Close-up of a Lichen Spider.

#15 – Close-up of another Lichen Spider.

#16 – A 2-Tail Spider.


~ by grbenji on 25/02/2012.

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