Trip to Indonesia Mount Bromo from 12-16 April 2012

Together with my dearest and 7 photography buddies, we spent 5 days traveling from Yogyakarta to Surabaya for a land photography trip.

* * * * * * * *

Day 1 – 12 April 2012.  Took Airasia flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta.  Arrived slightly passed noon and our pickup was already waiting there for us with a 10-seater minibus.  After stopover for quick lunch, our very first attraction is the Plaosan temple located in Bugisan village, Prambanan, Klaten, Central Java.

#1.1 – Plaosan temple

#1.2 – Ruins of the Plaosan temple

#1.3 – Padi farmers a short distance from Plaosan temple

#1.4 – Another farmer planting saplings

#1.5 – Padi farmer hard at work during the hot mid day sun.


For the first sunset of the trip, we headed to Ramayana Prembanan temple, which  is an extraordinarily beautiful Hindu temple constructed in the tenth century during the reigns of two kings namely Rakai Pikatan and Rakai Balitung.

#1.6 – Ramayana Prembanan Temple

#1.7 – Setting sun over Prambanan temple.

#1.8 – Glowing sunset sky over Ramayana Prembanan temple

#1.9 – Silhouette of Prambanan temple against the glowing sunset sky.

After dinner, we checked into our hotel at Borobudur.  Unfortunately, the beautiful Manohara Hotel only had 1 room left and only 3 out of our group had the fortune of staying there.

* * * * * * * *

Day 2 – 13 April 2012.  Woke up 4am early next morning for our sunrise shoot of the magnificient Borobudur temple.  All visitors were required to wear a batik sarong available from the reception at Manohara.

#2.1- Borobudur Temple

#2.2 – One of the many bell structures surround the top Borobudur temple.

#2.3 – Sunrise at Borobudur temple.

#2.4 – Silhouette of Borobudur temple against the rising sun

#2.5 – Silhouette of Borobudur temple.

#2.6 – The majestic Borobudur temple.

After breakfast, we visited a local market and took a few street shots.

#2.7 – A stall holder at the local market.

#2.8 – An elderly stall helper waiting for customers.

#2.9 – Stall selling dried or salted fish.

#2.10 – A green grocer sieving husk of bean sprouts.

#2.11 – An elderly stall assistant sorting long beans.

#2.12 – A child look after at the stall.

Next is the palace of the Sultan of Yogyakarta.  A boring compound which we ended the guided tour midway.  Only took this snapshot of a statue surrounding one of the hall.

#2.13 – Statue inside the palace of Sultan of Yogyakarta.

After the palace, another long drive to Candi Sukuh temple, also known as the Erotic temple.  Here we didn’t explore the temple but mesmerized the rays of the setting sun penetrating through the clouds.

#2.14 -Beautiful rays through the clouds at the Candi Sukuh Temple (Erotic Temple).

#2.15 – Another shot with clouds cover part of the bright sun.

#2.16 – Air Terjun Jumog, a waterfall nearby.

 After an eventful day, we reached the town of Solo and checked into this new Solo Paragon Hotel & Residences.  This is a nice big hotel and it is link to an adjacent shopping mall where Carrefour is.  Many restaurants where we are spoiled for choice for the first time on the trip.

#2.17 – Nice, clean and comfortable

#2.18 – Best accommodation for the entire trip.

* * * * * * * *

Day 3 – 14 April 2012.  This day is the most tiring spent entirely on traveling from Solo to Mt Bromo stopping for lunch and toilet breaks.

6:30 am, our 3 prearranged taxis were waiting to ferry us to the nearby train station about 3km away.  Train arrived on schedule and departed at 8 am.  The journey took 4 hours and we alighted at Jongbang.  Our coach which had travel overnight from Solo was waiting for us outside the station.  From here, it was another 5 hours on traveling to Mt Bromo.  Here are some shots taken from our moving vehicle.

#3.1 – Farmer shed

#3.2 – Farm house

#3.3 – The comfy minibus throughout our trip

#3.4 – Finally check in Hotel Cemara Indah at Mt Bromo after a tiring day.

* * * * * * * *

Day 4 – 15 April 2012.  Woke up 3am freezing cold and dark to assemble for the trip to the view point for watching sunrise over Mt Bromo.  Together with other guests, a convey of 5 or 6 4×4 jeeps drove over rough hilly terrain and volcanic mud and sand for an hour to get to the view point.  We thought we were early but it was packed with visitors already.  With the best spots taken, we headed down a slope in pitch darkness to a lower landing where we setup our tripods.

#4.1 – Sunrise over Mt Bromo

#4.2 – Glowing sky



We then drove down hill towards Mt Bromo.  About 200-300m from the foot of Mt Bromo, hundreds of jeeps used to ferry guests were parked there.  Here we had 2 options: walked and climbed to the crater top or paid 150,000 rupiah for a horse ride half way up the crater and climbed the remaining 250 odd step.  We chose the latter obviously.

#4.5 – Looking down from halfway up the crater, can see all the jeeps parked in the middle of the plain.  From there one can either walk or pay 150,000 rupiah for a horse ride pass the temple and up the less steep slope to where I took this shot.

#4.6 – Visitors on horseback saved the tiring long walk and stepping on horse poo.

#4.7 – The 250 odd steps up the remaining steep slope to the crater top.

#4.8 – Mt Bromo crater

#4.9 – Stream of clouds rising up from the crater mouth.

#4.10 – The 2440m Mt Batok next to Mt Bromo.

#4.11 – Non stop stream of visitors jostling up and down Mt Bromo crater.

#4.12 – The hundreds of jeeps used to ferry visitors across the volcanic mud and sand plain and rough terrains.

#4.13 – A closeup look of the jeep that can take 4 guests in the back and 1 in front.

#4.14 – A panoramic view of the 2392m Mt Bromo on the left and the 2440m Mt Batok on the right

#4.15 – Coming down from our Mt Bromo resort, we stopped to take a couple of shots of this beautiful “farmscape” on the slope of the hill.

#4.16 – A closer shot of the shed.

#4.17 – Shot from our moving vehicle, a fully utilized hill slope for farming.

#4.18 – Low clouds engulfed the slope of the hill behind.

#4.19 – Another slope fully used for farming.

#4.20 – A big farm house with a nice big cabbage patch in front.

#4.21 – This is the chalet de Daunan at Batu where we stay for our final night of the trip.

#4.22 – The court yard is used to plant vegetables which are used by the restaurant.

#4.23 – Another nicely built chalet.

#4.24 – Egg plants grown in the court yard.

#4.25 – With time still before dark, we went to the Coban Rondo waterfall inside a big reserve.

#4.26 – Got myself and my camera drenched from the sprays from the waterfall while taking this shot.

#4.27 – One of our photog buddy taking a shot of the rapids.

* * * * * * * *

Day 5 – 16 April 2012.  On this very last day of our trip, we only stopped by an apple orchard before heading to the airport in Surabaya for our Home Sweet Home journey.

#5.1 – Saw this beautiful jeep parked opposite the apple orchard that we were visiting.

#5.2 – A small provision stall along the road.  The gentleman was our hardworking driver for the trip.

#5.3 – A closer look of the provision stall and its proprietress.

#5.4 – Bountiful apples ready for picking.

#5.5 – Lady workers interrupted by my presence.

#5.6 – A male worker plucking apples.

#5.7 – Baskets filling up fast with juicy apples.

#5.8 – Carrying basket full of apples to the front for sorting.

#5.9 – A worker sorting the apples by sizes.


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  1. Very beautiful pictures and clear write-up on a short trip.

  2. Beautiful shots, esp of the sunrise and the volcano. Tks for sharing!

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