Benji & Mango @Dog Pool

This afternoon brought both dogs for a swim in the pool at U Petgamart located in Pasir Ris Farmway 1.

As this was the first time Benji visited this small man-made pool, he was hesitant and reluctant to get into the pool even though he loves swimming in the sea.  Had to carried and dunk him in a few times, and he quickly swam to the side and hang on.  Tried later by leashing and guiding him along the length of the pool till get get a bit more comfortable.

As for Mango, he’s been here several times and enjoyed more mixing with his doggie friends than venturing into the pool.

#1 – Benji trying to get off after being dunked into the pool.

#2 – Benji paddling to the side after being repeatedly dunked into the pool.

#3 – Almost there!

#4 – Now Benji was being tow with a leash.

#5 – And still he managed to get to the side.

#6 – Mango with his toy in the pool.

#7 – Clever Mango fetched his toy.

#8 – Mango idling at his favourite corner.

#9 – Mango waiting for instructions.

#10 – Mango enjoying a splash.

#11 – Mango back at his favourite corner.


~ by grbenji on 26/05/2012.

5 Responses to “Benji & Mango @Dog Pool”

  1. Our golden Hurley loves our pool. When he goes outside we have to tell him each time NOT to get into the pool. Sometimes he listens.

  2. Very lovely dogs and they seem enjoying a great life 🙂

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