Seafood Trip to Kampong Senibong, Johor.

Together with my extended families, 10 of us in 2 cars, we made our way across the causeway to Kg Senibong at the south of Johor for a seafood feast yesterday evening.  Kg Senibong is just across the Straits of Johor from Sembawang.  Here seafood restoran are halal as they are operated by Malays.

Directions:  After clearing immigration, turn onto Teberau Highway.  Then turn right onto Jalan Bakar Batu and continue straight onto Jalan Pandai.  At junction where you can see Jusco Permas Jaya, turn right onto Jalan Permas Selatan.  End of this road at the T-junction, turn left and will be on Jalan Senibong.  Follow restoran signs and will be there shortly.  Click on map for larger view.

#1 – The main entrance to the seafood kampong at Senibong, Johor.

#2 – A jetty just outside the seafood kampong.

#3 – A view of the seafood restoran dining area from the jetty.  Can see Sembawang  Shipyard across the Straits too.

#4 – At closer look, water is filthy and full of floating debris around the restaurant area.

#5 – Assortment of fishes layout for customers to choose.

#6 – Fresh squids and shellfish are available too.

#7 – Another restoran display their seafood on a sampan.

#8 – Crabs are the only live and kicking seafood available here.  Price ranging from RM60-90/kg depending on size.

#9 – This the restoran that we patroized. Food price is reasonable. We chose 6 crabs with a total weight of 3kg, a grill large sole fish, 2 large plates of calamari, sambal lala, tomyam soup and sambal kangkong.  Total damage for 10 persons was only RM558. Cooking was so so though.  Tradition with Malay dining, long tables instead of round ones were used which made them less condusive for shared dinning.

#10 – Lights were up when we left the kampong.


~ by grbenji on 28/05/2012.

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