Father’s Day Seafood Dinner @Restoran Todak, Johor

For this year Father’s Day, we headed over to Johor for seafood at Restoran Todak which is just across the Straits of Johore from Sembawang Shipyard.  As we started in the late afternoon around 3:30pm, jams at both immigration were mild.  We arrived at the restoran at about 5pm and it wasn’t crowded yet, and we got a table without much trouble even though we didn’t make any reservation.  By around 7pm, the place was really crowded probably due to the weekend as well as Father’s Day.

12 of us from members of my, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law families, and my parents-in -law, we ordered black pepper crabs, salted egg crabs, calamari, curry tiger prawns, crayfish, sambal shellfish, hotplate toufu, sambal kangkong, Hokkien noodle, horfun, 12 fresh coconuts, some soft drinks and 2 bottles of beer.  Total damage is only RM435!

Directions:  After clearing immigration, turn onto Teberau Highway.  Then turn right onto Jalan Bakar Batu and continue straight onto Jalan Pandai.  Will need to make a U-turn as there is no right turn from the highway.  End of this road, turn right for a very short distance and you will see Restoran Todak.  Click on map for larger view.

#01 – Restoran Todak, just across the Johore Straits from Sembawang Shipyard.

#02 – Hungry seafood lovers starting to pull in as early as 5pm and was really crowded by 7pm.

#03 – Took a walk to the seaside kampong nearby.  This view of the restoran was shot while on the path to the kampong.

#04 – Truly rustic seaside kampong.

#05 – A floating jetty in its midst of construction.

#06 – Shot from under a kampong hut built on stilts.  Possible as tide was low.

#07 – Lots of trash either dumped there or washed up by the tide.

#08 – A simple jetty yet very useful when the tide is in.

#09 – Simple living in rust kampong huts.

#10 – Kids having a great time playing in the mud and water.

#11 – Lovely and friendly kids.

#12 – They were more than happy to pose for a strange like me.

#13 – One more pose for the camera!

#14 – The setting sun hidden behind clouds.  Shot from Restoran Todak dining platform.

#15 – The tide came in as the sun set.

#16 – A passing boat cause strong wave splashing to the shore.

#17 – Sun gone behind horizon but not much glow to the sky.

#18 – Restoran Todak open air dining platform.

#19 – Getting dark and lights were on.

#20 – Tanks where live seafood were kept.  Plenty of tiger prawns in the nearest tank.


~ by grbenji on 18/06/2012.

2 Responses to “Father’s Day Seafood Dinner @Restoran Todak, Johor”

  1. Their food is always good. The crowd is there on every weekend (full house all the time) even if it wasn’t father’s day. Glad you and family liked it. I frequent there quite often too 🙂 its valued for money giving the quality and portion of their dishes

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