Malaysia Drive-away (Day 1 of 4)

Thursday night 11pm, 7 June 2012, we started our journey up north.  After clearing immigrations, we stopped at Tamen Sentosa for supper before our long journey to Cameron Highlands.  Along the way, we had several stops for toilet break and rest and arrived at the town of Ringlet in the morning for breakfast.

Not much choice for food at Ringlet, only 1 coffee shop for wanton noodles.  However, we were lucky today to get a roasted duck from a vendor selling from his mobile van stall.  After breakfast, we proceeded to Tanah Rata and the rest of the photos will tell the story.

#01 – Lata Iskandar Waterfall @Cameron Highlands.

#02 – Another view of Lata Iskandar Waterfall.

#03 – Strawberry farm.

#04 – Rows and rows of strawberry plants.

#05 – Not that many fruits as not in season yet.

#06 – A closer look of the strawberry plant.

#07 – More strawberry plants.

#08 – Fresh juicy strawberry.

#09 – Worker packing the strawberries.

#10 – Brinchang town @Cameron Highlands.

#11 – Potted plants sold @Cactus Valley.

#12 – Cactus for sales.

#13 – More cactus for sales.

#14 – Traffic congestion on the narrow winding road to BOH Tea Centre @Brinchang.

#15 – Tea shrubs.

#16 -Tea shrubs cover the entire hill slopes.

#17 – The BOH Tea Centre and its cafeteria coming into view.

#18 – The cantilever design of the BOH Tea Centre hangs it over the slope of the hill full of tea shrubs.

#19 – As usual, always crowded as the cafeteria is the only place here to get refreshment and food.

#20 – Nice place to relax, sip your tea, and enjoy the magnificent view of the tea valley.

#21 – BOH Tea Centre @Brinchang, a must visit place if it’s your first time to Cameron Highlands.

#22 – This old building is one of the many factories used to process the harvested tea leaves.

#23 – Packs of Boh tea sold at the Centre.

#24 – One last look before we left.

#25 – Back to Brinchang town to satisfy our growling stomachs.

#26 – Quite a few restorans here to choose from.

#27 – Prices were surprising reasonable given its remote location.

#28 – Start of the path leading to Robinson waterfall.

#29 – Robinson Waterfall @Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

#30 – From Robinson waterfall, the path leads to a steep drop and we had to turn back.

#31 – The park at Parit waterfall.

#32 – Parit Waterfall @Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

#33 – Signboard at entrance to Parit waterfall.

#34 – Our ride for the trip.

#35 – Eateries at Tanah Rata.

#36 – Back to Kuala Lumpur by night fall.

#37 – Food street behind Bukit Bintang.

#38 – A street dining location favours by both locals and tourists.

#39 – 1 of the many popular lok lok stalls in KL.

#40 -Customers pick whatever they fancy, and they can either dunk them into the steamboat or request to have them grilled.

#41 – Was told that most stalls here operate till 4am.

#42 – Skewers of food over charcoal fire as requested by customers.

#43 – Smoke get in your eyes.  The street can be smokey and humid.

#44 – Delicious BBQ chicken wings.

#45 – An Indian stall selling drinks, noodles and roti pratas.

#46 – Zhi Cha stall @Bukit Bintang.

#47 – Dinner time.

#48 – Now, what to order……hmmm

#49 – Another lok lok stall.

#50 – The start of the food street behind Bukit Bintang.


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