Malaysia Drive-away (Day 2 of 4)

Plan for the day was to capture Petronas Twin Towers in the evening, so movement was restricted to KL.  First place to visit after breakfast was the Central Market.  This place main attractions are souvenirs and handicrafts.  Photos below will show the things one can find at Central Market.

Later in the afternoon, headed over to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) which is next to Petronas Twin Towers for lunch, and then recce the area for shooting positions.  Stayed here till about 8pm before driving back to hotel.

After shower, went out for late dinner cum supper just outside the hotel which is the busy food street behind Bukit Bintang.  Even after a short drizzle, the place was still crowded as usual with diners.

#01 – Central Market @KL.

#02 – Items sold here were mainly souvenirs and handicrafts.

#03 – A craftsman @work.

#04 – Using coloured sands filling glass bottle to create drawings and pictures.

#05 – His swift work really made a complicate job look simple.

#06 – Some of his completed works for sales.

#07 – Embroidery machines.

#08 – Traditional kites.

#09 – Unique kite with a 3D creature head.

#10 – Stalls outside the Central Market.

#11 – Central Market was throng with visitors even on a hot afternoon.

#12 – Tattoo painting artist @work.

#13 – 2 babes happy with their tattoos.

#14 – Here you go, have a closer look.

#15 – Malay kuek Pak Uda.  Flour with coconut filling steam cook in bamboo.

#16 – Pak Uda being steamed.

#17 – Oil painting artist @work.

#18 – Petronas Twin Towers in the bright afternoon sun.

#19 – From view of Petronas Twin Towers.

#20 – A different perspective of the Twin Towers.

#21 – Twin Towers viewed from the park behind KLCC.

#22 – The beauty of Petronas Twin Tower when its lights are on in the evening.

#23 – Supper time.  A short spell of rainfall didn’t dampen people’s interests in great food.

#24 – BBQ chicken wings over charcoal fire.

#25 – A mobile lok lok vendor.

#26 – A picture of this unique Malaysian food for the album.


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