Malaysia Drive-away (Day 4 of 4)

Today was the day to head home.  However, we couldn’t give up trying the infamous chicken rice balls of Malacca.  So too is a visit to the durian plantation in hope that they are in season.

So first stop after a very late morning call was Jonker Walk’s Restoran Famosa again.  However, we were disappointed as the rice balls were not as great as we have read about.  In fact, we would choose our much more fragrance local hainanese chicken rice over these rather blend rice balls anytime.  Guess one never try never knows, and probably once is enough.

Next, we drove to Kg Teratai where there is offer of durian buffet when the fruit is in season.  However, we weren’t sure if we were a week or two too early.  As we approach the usual place, a large community hall beside a temple, where the durian buffet were held previously, there place was deserted.  As we pull back onto the trunk road, a passing by motorcycle signaled us to follow him.  He turned out to be no other than Mr Gan, the owner of the plantation.  He invited us over to his place and showed us some of the durians that he had kept aside.  As these were 猫山王, the best of the best durians, he offered to sell us at RM20/kg.  We took 6 which weighed in at 12kg for RM240.  These were one of the best that we ever have.  Even though we had lunch not too long ago, we finished the durians in double quick time and forgotten about taking some photos of them.

Before we left for home sweet home, Mr Gan showed us around on some of his durian trees.  This was indeed a rewarding trip.

#01 – Back to Restoran Famosa for their infamous chicken rice balls for lunch before leaving Malacca.

#02 – Ordered 30 rice balls for table of 8 and we couldn’t finish.  Honestly, I’ll take our fragrance chicken rice anytime over these rather blend rice balls.

#03 – A mixed of kampong chicken and roasted one.

#04 – Another popular stall we couldn’t resist, the ever crowded Jonker 88’s laksa.

#05 – Look at the queue waiting for their orders!

#06 – What’s better than an ice cold dessert to cool down while eating the hot and spicy laksa?

#07 – Slurp! delicious.

#08 – Steps leading up St Paul Hill.

#09 – The remains at the top of St Paul Hill.

#10 – Another look at the ruin.

#11 – A peep into the inside of the ruin at St Paul Hill.

#12 – Stone slaps with engraving displayed Inside the ruin.

#13 – The distinctive red buildings of Christ Church Melaka.

#14 – The clock tower in front of Christ Church Melaka

#15 – A bunch of soon-to-ripe 101 durians.

#16 – The distinctive 5-pointed star of the.猫山王 durian.

#17 – The king of durians…..猫山王。

#18 – Watch your head for falling durians!


~ by grbenji on 22/06/2012.

2 Responses to “Malaysia Drive-away (Day 4 of 4)”

  1. You have just made me drooled all over haha. Everything looked so delicious 🙂 glad you enjoyed yourself

    • Thanks. West Malaysia is always good location for a short getaway. It’s relative inexpensive, near, and can do it last minute without advance planning.

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