Durian Buffet @Kampong Teratai

A friend of mine and his wife are great fan of the king of fruits, the durian.  After hearing about my recent trip to Kg Teratai for great durian buffet offered at RM28 per person, they wanted to make a trip there too.  So yesterday, we drove about 200km up north from Singapore to get our fixes.

After an hour clearing the usual jam at the immigration check points and a short breakfast at Taman Sentosa, we started our 200km journey at about 9:15am and arrived at Kg Teratai around 12:30pm.  There was a busload of durian lovers already there when we arrived, but left shortly after.  With the crowd gone, we had a great time chatting with the plantation owner, Mr Gan, and his extended family of helpers while munching durian at the same time.  They are very friendly, and partly because they knew us by then as we have been there thrice over the last 4 weekends.  2 more busloads came while we were still there.  After filling out stomach to the brim with durians, we still can’t resist its temptation, and together we bought another 30kg before leaving for Malacca.

#01 – Durian lovers @Kg Teratai for the durian buffet at RM28 each.

#02 – They came by the busloads!

#03 – Happily and busy tucking into the king of fruits.

#04 – With the lure of the king of fruit, auntie also can open durian.

#05 – Here are the 猫山王,best of the best for sales only @RM25/kg.  Price was raised from RM20/kg due to short supply this season.

#06 – The distinctive star of 猫山王. The point where the lines meet is much bigger than other durians.

#07 – See what’s been eaten!

#08 – A couple of mangosteen tree grown between the oil palm.  Here is an unripe fruit.

#09 – Ripe mangosteen just been harvested.

As we had to drove past Gunung Ledang, also known as Mount Ophir, on our way to Malacca from Kg Teratai, we decided to pay it a visit.  Our target was to reach the waterfall, and even that proved quite a challenge on our aging legs.  We took several breaks before scaling up to the first waterfall.

#10 – On the way up Mt Ophir, many were enjoying themselves in the stream.

#11 – The trail up the hill.

#12 – Looking down from half way up the waterfall.

#13 – Water running off the 45 degree slope.

#14 – Looking down from the top of the waterfall.

#15 – A very long way down.

#16 – This pool is at the top of the first fall, and here is where we turned back.

We made it to Jonker Walk by 6:30pm, and street hawkers were already out in full force.  Took a stroll along the entire stretch of the street before turning back to look for dinner.  We head home slightly after 10pm and took us 4 hours to reach home, a third of the time due to jam at the causeway.

#17 – Jonker Walk of Malacca.

#18 – Always crowded on weekend evenings.

#19 – Quail egg omelette.

#20 – Kuih Bahulu.

#21 – Char Kuey Teow.


~ by grbenji on 01/07/2012.

2 Responses to “Durian Buffet @Kampong Teratai”

  1. Hi, do you have exact address of Mr Gan’s durian plantation? Can you pls email me? Thanks!

    • There isn’t any house nos on Mr Gan’s card. Even if there is, it won’t be of much help as Kampung Teratai is quite remote. His 2 daughters live in Singapore and you can call them to check if durian is in season as well as ask for directions. Their contacts are 93857433 and 90259089.

      You can also make use of http://www.streetdirectory.com.my/malaysia/ and search for “Kampung Teratai” which will give you the location.

      Hope above help and have a fruitful trip.

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