NDP Firework @Level33

Organized an event with my Macroholics photography buddies to shoot the NDP 2012 Combine Rehearsal 3 from the vantage point of Level 33 at Marina Bay Financial Centre last night.  Was kind of worried when we arrived there as it started to rain shortly after.  Fortunately, the rain stopped half hour before the firework commenced and we missed only the SAF aircraft fly past.  Overall, still a great outing, shooting and catching up with friends.

#1 – Vantage view of Marina Bay during the blue hour.

#2 – Marina Bay viewed from Level 33.

#3 – Cropped the left due to heavy smoke from the firework that was dissipated very slowly without much wind.

#4 – NDP Firework and MBS Laser Display.

#5 – Probably due to the rain, firework was much less intense than those from previous weeks.

#6 –  A shot of the firework with the full view of the bay.

#7 – MBS Laser Display


~ by grbenji on 08/07/2012.

6 Responses to “NDP Firework @Level33”

  1. Pretty photos, very skillful and good cameras.

  2. Hi there, I was just browsing the internet for places to go for phototaking for this year’s NDP (2014) and came across a site that used one of your photos in this post of yours.


    It did mention that the original photographer should contact them to credit you in their post…. so just thought you might want to know.

  3. Hi Benji! Awesome photos! 🙂

    Came across them looking for a nice background photo for a landing site I am building for a project. Mind if I use your first photo in this series that? It’s truly an amazing picture. I wish I was able to take one like that on my own.

    • Hi Jian Liang,

      If yours is a non commercial site, you may use it. Appreciate if you can post a link to your site here and if possible add credit.

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