Crossing Bridges 9

Crossing Bridges is an annual photography event with activities like shooting, networking and bonding.  This year event held from 26 to 31 August 2012 was hosted by Malaysia.  These outings last an intense week among photography communities around the region:

Singapore – Clubsnap
Indonesia –
Malaysia –
Vietnam – Photo.Vn
Philippines – FPPF

2 new entrants, Sri Lanka and South Korea, joined this year.

25/8/2012 – Eve of the Event.

Many of the CB9 participants arrived today and checked into Midah Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  Together with 4 shooting buddies, I drove to KL arriving just slightly after noon.  After checking into Midal Hotel, we headed out to the nearby Petalling Street which is also known as Chinatown for lunch.  Along the way, we stopped at a Chinese temple and also did a couple of shots.  In the evening, we went to the icon of Kuala Lumpur, and that is the Petronas Twin Towers.

#1 – A SG photog seriously @work.

#2 – Huge urn at the entrance to a Chinese temple near Petalling Street.

#3 – Another SG photog checking out his shot.

#4 – Top security – grilled and bricked up!

#5 – The Magnificent Patronas Twin Towers.

26/8/2012 – Day 1

As the event officially started in the evening with the Welcome dinner, we still had the day to ourselves.  We went to Petalling Street for breakfast as it was within walking distance, and also visited the flea market there.  We visited the not too distant railway station too.  And it was here that an unfortunate incident happened.  One of our fellow photographer fell victim to a motorcycle snatch thief and lost his Canon 5D mark 3 mounted with a 70-200mm f2.8L IS.

#6 – Flea market @Petalling Street.

#7 – Street side coffee stall.

#8 – Top Gun testing her canNon.

#9 – Ready…!

#10 – Panning shot of KTM train.

#11 – Photogs sharing a light moment.


27/8/2012 – Day 2

Today was the start of the visiting and shooting and the very first place of interest is the infamous Pudu open market   Though the place is wet and filthy, it was an interest place for photography.  Here one can capture the daily lives of many stallholders and their customers going about buying and selling of fresh produces.  Later, we were hosted to a buffet lunch by Schmidt, the agent for Leica in Malaysia.  We were also given demonstration on sensor cleaning and B/W film processing.

In the afternoon, we visited Putrajaya, the new administrative centre for the government.  Here we had the opportunities for landscape and architectural shoot, as well as models and performance shoot arranged by our Malaysian host.

#12 – Peas seller @Pudu market.

#13 – Fishmonger @Pudu market.

#14 – Another fishmonger @Pudu market.

#15 – Pudu market @Kuala Lumpur.

#16 – Roasted pork @Pudu market.

#17 – Raise you feet….chicken anyone?

#18 – Machine to de-feather chicken.

#19 – Don’t be at the receiving end from this guy!

#20 – Fresh chicken slaughtered on site.

#21 – Live Bull frog on sales.

#22 – Look here froggies.

#23 – Heat treatment anyone?

#24 – Pudu market @KL

#25 – Guerilla Photo Exhibition @Kuala Lumpur.

#26 – Interior of Putra Mosque @Putrajaya.

#27 – Masjid Putra @Putrajaya.

#28 – Istana Kehakiman @Putajaya.

#29 – View towards the Iron Mosque from Istana Kehakiman.

#30 – Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya.

#31 – Majid Putra @Putrajaya.

#32 – Silat performance, a Malay art of self defense.

#33 – Model shoot @Putrajaya.

#34 – Model shoot @Putrajaya.

#35 – Model shoot @Putrajaya.

28/8/2012 – Day 3

After breakfast, we travel up north to the state of Perak.  Here, we visited the Kellie’s Castle at Batu Gajah.  Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished mansion built by Scotsman William Kellie Smith, who found his wealth in tin mining, for his wife in 1915.  5 pairs of newly wedded couples were arranged here for photo shoot for the CB9 participants.  Next stop was the last remaining disused tin dredge in Malaysia.

After seafood lunch at Tanjung Tualang, we visited Kuala Kangsar, the Royal Town of Perak.  Here we passed by Istana Iskandaria, the palace of Perak royal family, en route to our visit to Istana Kenangan, the former palace which is now a museum.  We also visited the grand mosque Masjid Ubudiah.  After a long exhausting day, we checked into Sungei Perak Resort @Kuala Kangsar.

#36 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#37 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#38 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#39 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#40 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#41 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#42 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#43 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#44 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#45 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#46 – Newly wedded couple @Kellie Castle.

#47 – Top Gun @Kellie’s Castle.

#48 – Top Gun @Kellie’s Castle.

#49 – Top Gun @Kellie’s Castle.

#50 – Kellie’s Castle @Batu Gajah.

#51 – Kellie’s Castle, an unfinished mansion built by Scotsman William Kellie Smith for his wife in 1915.

#52 – Unfinished interior of Kellie’s Castle.

#53 – Artistic windows of Kellie’s Castle with a great view.

#54 – A view from the top of Kellie’s Castle.

#55 – Charlie’s Angels

#56 – Charlie’s Angels and their big guns!

#57 – Cosplay @Kellie’s Castle.

#58 – Cosplay @Kellie’s Castle.

#59 – The last remaining disused tin dredge in Malaysia.

#60 – This last tin dredge is now left idling and rusting away.

#61 – The dredge once used to dig up mud containing tin ore.

#62 – The remains of discarded machinery inside the tin dredge.

#63 – The chain of cups that formed the dredge.

#64 – Another view of the dredge.

#65 – Once discarded, nature will find its way to takeover.

#66 – The Royal Museum of Kuala Kangsar, formerly Istana Kenangan.

#67 – Kompang drum welcome @The Royal Museum of Kuala Kangsar.

#68 – Tekad weaving.

#69 – The holy and the haunted.

#70 – The majestic mosque Masjid Ubudiah @Kuala Kangsar.

#71 – Circle of great friends.

29/8/2012 – Day 4

A very early wake up call this morning as we wanted to catch the sunrise on our visit to the rustic charcoal village at Kuala Sepetang  Here we got a glimpse of how charcoal were made.  Then we had brunch at “Mee Udang Mak Jah”, the famous prawn noodle of Kuala Sepetang before heading to Lumut to board our ferry to Pangkor Island.  We stayed at Vikri Beach Resort on the South-West side of the island.

On the island, we visited the fishing villages where many trawlers were berthed, anchovies were dried, a shipyard and also stumbled upon a pig slaughtering house.

#72 – Mangrove logs used in making charcoal.

#73 – Charcoal Village @Kuala Sepetang.

#74 – Sunrise @Charcoal Village of Kuala Sepetang.

#75 – Canal used for bringing in Mangrove logs for charcoal making.

#76 – The inside of a kiln.

#77 – Worker removing burning charcoal to get ready for the opening of the kiln.

#78 – Worker removing the charcoal that were baked for almost a month.

#79 – Another worker helping to clear charcoal from the kiln.

#80 – Fishing Trawler @Pangkor Island.

#81 – Many such jetties where trawlers are berthed @Pangkor.

#82 – Another trawler berthed @Pangkor.

#83 – Offering made before sailing for safety of the crew and for a bountiful catch.

#84 – More trawlers @Pangkor Island

#85 – Worker routine maintenance of fishing net.

#86 – Laborious task of mending net.

#87 – Anchovies (ikan bilis) trail.

#88 – Workers collecting the dried anchovies at the end of the day.

#89 – Getting the anchovies into basket.

#90 – More anchovies to be collected.

#91 – Baskets full of anchovies.

#92 – Into the dimly lit chiller for storage.

#93 – Fish processed immediately @Pangkor.

#94 – A shipyard on Pangkor Island.

#95 – Ship building in progress.

#96 – Wood is the main building material used for the trawlers.

#97 – Stumbled upon this gruesome pig slaughtering house.

#98 – Sunset @Pangkor

30/8/2012 – Day 5

This morning, a group of us woke up earlier than scheduled to catch the sunrise over Pangkor Island.  After lunch, we bid farewell to Pangkor Island and headed back to KL where we started.  En route, we stopped at Kuala Selangor for a sumptuous seafood dinner.

#99 – Blue hour prior to the sunrise @Pangkor.

#100 – Sunrise @Pangkor

#101 – Beautiful sunset at a seafood village at Kuala Selangor.

#102 – Nice glowing sky and cloud formation.

#103 – CB9 participants after a sumptuous seafood dinner @Kuala Selangor.

31/8/2012 – Day 6

Day 6 and the final day of the event, the day was free and easy and a farewell dinner was arranged in the evening.  As it coincided with the National Day of Malaysia, most of the participants headed over to Medeka Square where the National Day celebration was held in the morning.  Afternoon was spent mainly editing and processing photographs in preparation for the presentation during the farewell dinner.

#104 – Decorated for the occassion.

#105 – The National Celebration.

#106 – A CB9 participant caught in the action.

#107 – Team leaders from the different countries giving a toast to all participants for an event very well done.  From left are Pham Thanh Long (Vietnam), Bandu Gunaratne (Sri Lanka), Noordin Sulaiman (Malaysia), Maxby Chan (Malaysia), Eduviges Huang (Philippines), Kim Yong Bong (South Korea) and Eddie Ng (Singapore).

#108 – The Malaysian team that put up the fantastic programs.

1/9/2012 – Farewell

All good thing must end and it is time to say goodbye to all till we meet again in CB10 next year which will be hosted by Singapore.  All in all, it was a wonderful event and the most rewarding part was the friendship made.  Till CB10, take care everyone.


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