Exotic Island of Bali, Indonesia

Departed for Bali on 3/10 and stayed there for 3 days.  Was there mainly to rest and relax before my dive trip. Posted here are some of the shots taken around Kuta.

Will be heading to Labuan Bajo on 6/10 to board KM Black Manta for diving in Komodo.  Will be creating a new blog entry for this dive trip.

#01 – Wina Holiday Villa Kuta, the nice and comfy accommodation for my 3 days stay in Bali.

#02 – The main pool viewed from the restaurant.  Shot this while having my 1st breakfast here.

#03 – With such nice Balinese architecture, can’t resist to take a vantage view of the main pool.

#04 – Another view of the main pool from atop.

#05 – Pool and restaurant view.

#06 – A smaller pool at the rear wing of Wina Holiday Villa Kuta.  Saw this when we used the hotel rear exit which is a shortcut to Jalan Legian.

#07 – Kuta Beach

#08 – The new Beachwalk Mall along Jalan Pantai Kuta.

#09 – Inside Beachwalk Mall.  It’s so new that some shops were still doing their renovations.

#10 – Women doing men’s work! Taken while strolling along Jalan Legian.

#11 – Back alley behind Wina Holiday Villa.  Used as shortcut to Jalan Legian.

#12 – Bright Afternoon Sun @Kuta Beach

#13 – Bright Afternoon Sun @Kuta Beach

#14 – Watching sunset.

#15 – Beach Soccer

#16 – Beachwalk Mall in the evening with lights on.

#17 – Kuta Bex Shopping Mall along Jalan Pantai Kuta. On the left is Jalan Poppies 1, a side street that leads to Jalan Legian.

#18 – Shops along Jalan Poppies 1.

#19 – Mexican Restaurant in a small side alley.

#20 – Finally back to Wina Holiday Villa, and took this pool shot with the evening lights on.

#21 – Another shot of the beautiful pool.

#22 – These are seen  everywhere in Bali.

#23 – Surfing @Kuta Beach.

#24 – Riding the wave.

#25 – Discovery Shopping Mall.

#26 – View of Kuta Beach from Discovery Shopping Mall.

#27 – Peanut seller @Kuta Beach.

#28 – Back from surfing.

#29 – Romantic sunset.

#30 – Beachwalk Mall in the evening.

#31 – Beachwalk Mall


~ by grbenji on 05/10/2012.

2 Responses to “Exotic Island of Bali, Indonesia”

  1. Great pictures and glad u enjoyed. May I ask what camera and lens you used? Thanks

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