Komodo Dive Trip (Day 3 of 7) 8 Oct 2012

After a full day of macro shoot yesterday, today we were told to expect to see some big stuff and strong current.  Boat arrived this morning at Gili Lawa where we did the next 3 dives at Shot Gun, Cristal Rock, and Castle Rock.

#1 – The terrain around Komodo were very arid.

#2 – This is the channel where we did our 1st dive of the day.  The dive site Shot Gun is expect to have strong current and big fish but we encountered none.

Trip Dive #6 –  0817h @Shot Gun. 59mins, max 21.6m, avg 14.9m and 28C.  Expected to strong current and big fish but encountered neither.  With nothing much to shoot, shot dive buddies instead.

#3 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Trip buddy with his Olympus OM-D E-M5 setup that he was reviewing.)

#4 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Another shot of buddy with his Olympus OM-D and dual S&S YS-01/02 strobes.)

#5 – Dive6 Shot Gun (My life-long buddy with her LX5 setup.)

#6 – Dive6 Shot Gun (No big fish, so shot buddy)

#7 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Another trip buddy with his Nikon D90 and dual z240 strobes.)

#8 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Olympus OM-D E-M5 for review.)

#9 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Fire Dart shot with fisheye lens setup.)

#10 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Yawning scorpion fish.  To bad didn’t manage to get frontal yawning shot.)

#11 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Large sea fans.)

#12 – Dive6 Shot Gun (Seascape)

#13 – Dive6 Shot Gun (End of dive.)

Trip Dive #7 –  1210h @Cristal Rock. 49mins, max 21.6m, avg 17.3m and 28C.  This dive encountered strong current as expected.  Reef hook was deployed at the edge of the drop-off and reef sharks like grey and white-tips were observed cruising around.  However, they were shy and kept their distant so photo taking is not ideal.

#14 – Dive7 Cristal Rock (My dive buddy with reef hook deployed.)

#15 – Dive7 Cristal Rock (Dive buddy shooting reef sharks in strong current.)

#16 – Dive7 Cristal Rock (Dive buddy pause for a pose.)

#17 – Dive7 Cristal Rock (Our dive guide using his pointer as reef hook.  Guess what’s he pointing at?)

#18 – Dive7 Cristal Rock (Only fish, a Titan Trigger, shot on this dive. – Balistoides viridescens)

Trip Dive #8 –  1533h @Castle Rock. 17mins, max 31.4m, avg 17.0m and 26C.  We expected very strong current and did negative decent, but still missed the dive site.  We did landed on at rather nice site around 24m where we spotted white tip sharks, but our guide decided to abort dive as current was very strong, and I believed he wasn’t familiar with the location and was concerned.  Our guide and my buddy moved off the reef and started to accent.  I followed but looked back for the rest of the group who were still on the reef.  I signaled to them to follow and turned on my torch as I was drifting further away.  At this point, I was dragged down by down current to over 30m.   Turned my back on the remain group members and started kicking hard to accent.  Watching my dive computer, depth hardy change even with hard finning.  Took quite some effort before managing to accent and joing my dive buddy and guide.  End the short dive with about 100 bar of air left.  Fortunately, the others surfaced without problem though in 2 separate groups.  No photographs taken in this short dive.

Trip Dive #9 –  1849h @D-Bay. 60mins, max 10.6m, avg 6.7m and 29C.  On this night dive, used my life-long buddy’s LX5 and dual z240 setup.

#19 – Dive9 DBay (Spider Crab camouflaged in soft coral – Macropodia sp)

#20 – Dive9 DBay (Tiny Bottle Tail Squid)

#21 – Dive9 DBay (Closeup of hermit crab – Dardanus pedunculatus)

#22 – Dive9 DBay (Unidentify tiny crab.  Plankton and krills everywhere during dive)

#23 – Dive9 DBay (Tiny crab hiding in soft coral)


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