Komodo Dive Trip (Day 4 of 7) 9 Oct 2012

We were still at the north of Komodo Island, around Gili Lawa, this morning and did our first 2 dives of the day there.  First dive was at Golden Passage and the second dive we repeated Castle Rock that our group missed the day before.

Trip Dive #10 –  0739h @Golden Passage. 40mins, max 24.6m, avg 17.6m and 28C.  Other than the pygmy seahorse, nothing much else of interest.

#1 – Dive10 Golden Passage (Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti)

#2 -Dive10 Golden Passage (Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti)

#3 – Dive10 Golden Passage (Closer shot of the Pygmy Seahorse)

Trip Dive #11 –  1045h @Castle Rock. 47mins, max 23.7m, avg 17.0m and 29C.

#4 – Dive11 Castle Rock (Buddy searching for critters.)

#5 – Dive11 Castle Rock (Olympus OM-D in action.)

#6 – Dive11 Castle Rock (Canon S95 in action.)

#7 – Dive11 Castle Rock (Panasonic LX5 in action.)

#8 – Dive11 Castle Rock (Finally a small school of snappers.)

#9 – Dive11 Castle Rock (Ran into a large school of herrings.)

#10 – Dive11 Castle Rock (Buddy posing with the herrings.)

At the end of the second dive, boat was still moored at the calm and tranquil bay of Gili Lawa Island where we had our lunch.   We were joined by 2 other LOB here, one of them was Blue Dragon and the other was a rather small unnamed boat.  5 eagles were also spotted fishing in the bay.  After lunch, we ventured onto Gili Lawa Island and scaled one of the hill to get a vantage view of the bays below.  The island was arid and hardy any shade to protect us from the scorching sun.  However, the view was rewarding enough for the exhausting climb.

#11 – Calm and tranquil bay of Gili Lawa.

#12 – Joined by another LOB, Blue Dragon.

#13 – Arrival of another small unnamed LOB.

#14 – Landed on the beach of Gili Lawa.

#15 – The arid and uninhabitable environment of Gili Lawa.

#16 – Beautiful unspoiled beach of Gili Lawa.

#17 – Moving inland to scale the hill for a vantage view of the bays.

#18 – Half way up the rough terrain.

#19 – More slope to scale while the young and agile were already up at the peak.

#20 – A rewarding view of the bay from atop.

#21 – Another angle of the beautiful bay.

#22 – The view of the bay where your boat was, which was on the other side of the hill.

#23 – Yet another hill but the heat from the scorching sun discouraged us to go any further.

#24 – The Komodo 13!

#25 – The guys and Black Manta cruise director Cedric.

#26 – One more for the album before we left.

The boat then sailed to the eastern side of Komodo Island where we did our 3rd dive of the day at Tatawa Kecil.

Trip Dive 12 –  1555h @Tatawa Kecil. 45mins, max 23.7m, avg 15.8m and 28C.  Yet another forgettable dive with nothing much of interest.  Saw a green turtle, a lone snapper, a moray eel and a small school of Bat fish.

#27 – Dive12 Tatawa Kecil (Green Turtle)

Today night dive was at Wainilu, a site on the north of Rinca Island.  On our way southwards from Tatawa Kecil, took a couple of sunset shots.

#28 – Golden rays of the sunset captured while we were cruising southwards from Tatawa Kecil to Wainilu where we did our night dive.

#29 – The small island in front of the larger one and together with the distant clouds formed layers thus giving depth to the shot.

Trip Dive #13 –  1858h @Wainilu. 63mins, max 11.5m, avg 9.1m and 28C.

#30 – Dive13 Wainilu (Banded Boxer Shrimp – Stenopus hispidus)

#31 – Dive13 Wainilu (Up close on a hermit crab – Dardanus pedunculatus)

#32 – Dive13 Wainilu (Small unidentify crab)

#33 – Dive13 Wainilu (Spider Crab – Macropodia sp)

#34 – Dive13 Wainilu (Decorator Crab – Camposcia retusa)


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