Komodo Dive Trip (Day 5 of 7) 10 Oct 2012

Today diving was the worst with 4 out of 5 dives uneventful and forgettable.  Only the afternoon dive did we spotted at least a subject of interest, and that was the pygmy seahorses.

Trip Dive #14 –  0745h @Mantas Ondamoon. 39mins, max 12.8m, avg 8.8m and 28C.  This was a drift dive over a flat terrain with hardly any rocks or bolders, and mainly broken or dead corals.  Mantas, as the name of the dive site suggested, was to be expected but none encountered.  After drifting for 30 odd minutes without mantas insight, we aborted the dive with still 100 bar of air and decided to try another spot.  Not even a single shot fired on this dive.

Trip Dive #15 –  0841h @Mantas Ondamoon. 41mins, max 8.8m, avg 7.0m and 28C.  Same as the last dive, drifted over flat terrain looking for mantas but none was found.  Again, nothing of interest and only took 2 shots of my dive buddy.

#1 – Dive15 Mantas Ondamoon (Boring drift dive with no mantas so shot buddy instead.)

Trip Dive #16 –  1103h @Batu Bolong. 59mins, max 28.6m, avg 13.7m and 28C.  Look liked not a lucky day for diving, yet another boring dive.  Only took a few shot of the diving buddies in the group.

#2 – Dive16 Batu Bolong (Trip buddy with Olympus E510 with Ikelite housing and dual z240 strobes.)

#3 – Dive16 Batu Bolong (Trip buddy with Canon G12 and S&S YS-110a strobe.)

#4 – Dive16 Batu Bolong (Another shot of trip buddy with Canon G12  setup.)

#5 – Dive16 Batu Bolong (Trip buddy with video setup and dual Sola 1200.)

#6 – Dive16 Batu Bolong (A 63 years old American lady who has 20+ years of diving experiences was on this trip too.  Besides her and our group of 13, there were 5 more Caucasian of the trip. )

Trip Dive #17 –  1511h @Sebolan. 53mins, max 20.1m, avg 15.8m and 29C.  At last in the afternoon did a macro dive and spotted pygmy seahorses, nudibranch and anemone shrimps.

#7 – Dive17 Sebolan (Nudibranch – Chromodoris annae)

#8 – Dive17 Sebolan (Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti)

#9 – Dive17 Sebolan (Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti)

#10 – Dive17 Sebolan (Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti)

#11 – Dive17 Sebolan (Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti)

Trip Dive #18 –  1755h @Floratara. 62mins, max 17.3m, avg 12.1m and 28C.  We decided to bring forward the night dive to a dusk dive so that we had more time for drinking session later.  Again, another uneventful dive to end a boring day.

#12 – Dive18 Florotara (Spider Crab – Macropodia sp)

#13 – Dive18 Florotara (Can you spot the Spider Crab? – Macropodia sp)


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