Komodo Dive Trip (Day 6 and 7 of 7) 11-12 Oct 2012

Last day of diving before heading home the next day.  Could only do 2 dives in the morning due to the no-fly time obligation, and both were macro dives.

Trip Dive #19 –  0757h @Tanjung Besi. 60mins, max 19.8m, avg 13.4m and 29C.

#1 – Dive19 Tanjumg Besi (Leaf Scorpion Fish – Taenianotus triacanthus)

#2 – Dive19 Tanjumg Besi (Blue Spiny Lobster – Panulirus vesicolor)

Trip Dive #20 –  1103h @Fish Corner. 57mins, max 24.6m, avg 15.2m and 28C.  Fishy Corner wasn’t the real dive site name, and the real one was kind of long and nobody seem to know exactly.

#3 – Dive20 Fishy Corner (Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus denise)

#4 – Dive20 Fishy Corner (Whip Coral Goby – Bryaninops sp)

#5 – Dive20 Fishy Corner (Nudibranch – Jorunna funebris)

#6 – Dive20 Fishy Corner (Fire Dart Gobies – Nemateleotris magnifica)

#7 – Dive20 Fishy Corner (Fire Dart Gobies – Nemateleotris magnifica)

After the last dive, it was time for washing and drying our dive and camera gear while the boat was on a slow cruise to Maumere.  We headed to Maumere instead of Labuan Bajo because this was the last Komodo trip by Black Manta, and it will be doing a crossing trip before reaching Raja Ampat .  The rest of the evening was drinking and sing-along session.

Next morning wake time was very early as we need to be at Maumere Domestic Airport by latest 6:30 am to catch our Wings’ Flight to Bali.  While waiting on the deck for our transport to arrive, took the opportunity to capture these sunrise shots at Maumere port.

#8 – Woke up 5:30 am to catch transport to airport and in time to capture sunrise over Maumere port.

#9 – Sunrise at Maumere harbour.

#10 – Port of Maumere

#11 – Our Wings flight plane just arrived at Maumere Domestic Airport from Bali.

#12 – Took this aerial shot of the picturesque Volcano Kelimutu 3 colour lakes while on flight from Maumere to Bali.

As the saying goes, all good thing must end and now back to work as usual in order to save enough again for the next dive trip.


~ by grbenji on 18/10/2012.

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