Trip to Aussie Sunshine State – Brisbane

28/11/2012 – Day 1

For the next 7 nights in Brisbane, stayed at son’s apartment in St Lucia, just west of University of Queensland’s campus.  After offloading all our stuff, hopped onto the City Cat ferry from Guyatt Park terminal for a curise down the beautiful Brisbane River.  Here are some of the handheld shots taken from the moving ferry.

Cruising downstream on the City Cat ferry passing Kurilpa Bridge.

Passing Brisbane CBD.

Coming up was Goodwill Bridge linking City Botanic Gardens to South Bank Parkland.

Queensland Maritime Museum just beside Goodwill Bridge.

Ferry pulling into Riverside terminal with story bridge further downstream.

Passing under Story Bridge. The cliff to the left of the Bridge is where Wilson Outlook Reserve is, a place excellent for sunset and nightscape shoot of Story Bridge and Brisbane CBD.

The Central Docksde Apartments, a high-end condominium along Brisbane River.

Now on the way back on another ferry traveling upstream and Story Bridge coming up with Brisbane CBD in the background.

Going under Story Bridge. On the left under the bridge is Captain Burke Park, another good shooting spot.

29/11/2012 – Day 2

Woke up early and drove into Brisbane CBD and parked along Queen Street.  Walked down to the promenade along Brisbane River to have a good view of Story Bridge during the sunrise.  Here are a few shots of the bridge during the blue hour and sunrise.

Dawn @Story Bridge, Brisbane.

Sunrise @Story Bridge, Brisbane.

Daybreak @Story Bridge, Brisbane.

Went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary located south-west of Brisbane city.  This Sanctuary kept only animals that were natural to Australia like the Koala bears, kangaroos, ostrich, etc.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

An eagle displayed during a performance.

Koala Bear

Koala Bear

Koala Bear

Mother & Child




2 ugly looking chicken.

An old and still hard working Collies.

Herding performance by Border Collies.

Herding performance by Border Collies.

Herding performance by Border Collies.

Very agile dog climbing over scary sheep to push them forward.

Sheep shearing performance.

Very fast and efficient. Was told the very experienced shearers can do it in 3 minutes and they were paid A$3 per sheep sheared.

Tasmania Devil.

A short drive northwards from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Mount Coot-Tha.    We only took a short walk covering at most a third of Botanic Gardens before going up Mount Coot-Tha for a magnificent vantage view of Brisbane.  Here we waited till night fall to capture the beautiful nightscape of Brisbane.

The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium @Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Tropical Display Dome @Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Tropical Display Dome @Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Inside the Tropical display Dome.

Arid region plants.

Arid region plants.

Arid region plants.

One of the 3 lakes inside Brisbane Botanic gardens.

View of Brisbane from Mount Coot-Tha.

Nightscape of Brisbane from Mount Coot-Tha.

30/11/2012 – Day 3

Drove around UQ campus to have a look at where my son is studying.  Visit a ANZ branch there and open an account in anticipation of my future visits to Australia.  Then headed back into the city and did some shopping at Queens Street Mall.

Raddacliff Place in front of Treasury Casino and Hotel.

Treasury Casino viewed from Raddacliff Place.

Cafe along Queen Street Mall.

Queen Street Mall.

Post office Square

Adelaide Street with dedicated bus lane.

Bottle tree @Anzac Square.

Anzac Memorial

Grand Central Hotel on Ann Street.

Interesting building at junction of Ann Street and Edward Street.

Evening was spent shooting Story Bridge from Wilson Outlook Reserve, one of the best location for a great view of the brightly lit bridge and Brisbane CBD.

Sunset @Story Bridge captured from Wilson Outlook Reserve.

Sunset @Story Bridge captured from Wilson Outlook Reserve.

Sunset @Story Bridge captured from Wilson Outlook Reserve.

Sunset @Story Bridge captured from Wilson Outlook Reserve.

Brightly lit Story Bridge and Brisbane CBD.

Brightly lit Story Bridge and Brisbane CBD.


Story Bridge, Brisbane

1/12/2012 – Day 4

Son dropped us off at 4 am on William Jolly Bridge and went home to continue his sleep.  Here we waited till sunrise, which was around 4:45 am, to shoot Kurilpa Bridge across the Brisbane River.  Then strolled along South Bank Parkland till the first City Cat Ferry started operations at about 6:20 am, about an hour later than the usual weekday, and boarded it at South Bank 2 terminal to head home upstream to Guyatt Park.

Sunrise over Brisbane River @Kurilpa Bridge. Shot captured from William Jolly Bridge

Sunrise over Brisbane River.

Sunrise over Brisbane River.

Sunrise over Brisbane River.

Sunrise over Brisbane CBD viewed from South Bank Parkland.

Brisbane Cityscape.

Street Beach @South Bank Parkland. A man-made beach in the heart of Brisbane. Beach was deserted as it was still not even 6 am but sky was already very bright for summer morning.

Late morning, drove to West End and visited the open-air market at Davis Park.  These open-air markets mainly opened on Saturday morning only, selling fresh produces.  In the afternoon, drove further south to Sunnybank, a district where many Australian Chinese and Asians are located.  Here one can find many Asian shops and eateries.

Makeshift fruits stall at the open-air market at Davis Park, West End.

A mobile butcher.

Park, open side door and ready for business. There were mobile seafood too.

One of the many makeshift stalls offering ready to eat food at the open-air market.

A seafood shop at Sunnybank.

Evening was spent on the cliff at Kangaroo Point looking over the Brisbane River with Brisbane CBD further up north of the river.

Sunset observed from the cliff at Kangaroo Point.

Evening view of Brisbane City from kangaroo Point.

Brisbane skyline from Kangaroo Point.

Brisbane nightscape from Kangaroo Point.

2/12/2012 – Day 5

Should have visit Wet ‘n’ Wild while we were staying at Gold Coast, but missed it due to some change in schedule.  Delayed the visit till we were in Brisbane and initially planned to visit it on a Monday, ie the next day, as it would likely be less crowded.   But since we ran out of places to go, we decided to take a gamble and went ahead.  It didn’t pay off and the place was so crowded that we felt it would be a tremendous waste of time to queue for every ride.  Went around the park and took some photos and left for home.  Here are the snapshots of the crowded park.

Snapshot of the crowded wave pool.

One of the many water rides in the park.

The most trilling ride where a trap door opened beneath one’s feet and fell right down.

Options to choose between enclosed or open rides.

Crowded children playground.

The flow pool.

Another very crowded scene at the flow pool.

The ride named Tornado.

The tallest but mild ride.

The ride with the shortest queue as the ride down is only a few seconds.

Rested the rest of the afternoon before heading to Captain Burke Park, under the Story Bridge, for sunset shoot.

Captain Burke Park below Story Bridge.

Story Bridge started lighting up in the evening.

Brisbane CBD captured from Captain Burke Park.

Nightscape of Story Bridge and Admiralty Quays and River Place Apartments.

The brightly lit Story Bridge.

Story Bridge viewed from Captain Burke Park below it.

3/12/2012 – Day 6

Spent the entire day at Wet ‘n’ Wild, just relax and enjoy the rides.  Camera was given the day off and no photography at all.

4/12/2012 – Day 7

Another day spent without any photo shoot.  Visited a real estate agency and 3 car showrooms to get a feel of the cost of big ticket items in Australia.  House and car are comparably much cheaper here than back home.  The evening was spent packing in preparation for Home Sweet Home the following Day.


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