Maldives Dive Trip

Haven’t been shooting since Chinese New Year in Early February 2013 due to busy schedule, and hence no update of my blog here.  Finally found time to do a dive trip with some buddies in the Maldives on board the MV Eagle Ray.

Departed on Saturday evening on a  4.5h SQ flight to Male, and arrived at about half hour to midnight.  Met and transferred to boat immediately.  As usual, rigged up my cameras and strobes for next day early dive before knocking off.

Did a total of 16 dives over 6 diving days, but missed the 1 and only night dive.  Due to poor weather condition at the start of trip, our planned schedule was pushed back by about a day.  Most dives were forgettable except for 2. One was the encounter with 2 mantas on our second day of diving, and the other a small group of eagle rays and a pair of lobsters on the very last day.  Visibility wasn’t very good due to poor weather and impending monsoon season.

Here are some of the shots captured.  Didn’t have any good shot of the eagle rays as I wasn’t able to get up close with them.

One of the 2 manta as can be identified from the belly markings.

The other manta with different belly markings.

Another shot of the 2nd manta.

Intercepting the 2 mantas.

One more shot of the 1st manta.

Up really close with the manta.

Here is a shot taken by 1 of my buddy of me shooting the manta up close.

A large school of Bluestripe or Bluelined Snappers, Lutjanus Kasmira.

Closer view of the Bluestripe Snappers.

One of the two lobsters spotted on the last day of diving.

Dive buddy posing with his Nikon D600 in Nauticam housing and Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes.

Buddy shooting a moray eel.

Buddy posing with her Canon G12 and S&S YS-D1 strobe.

Our naked diver with his video rig.

Our only side-mount buddy.

Buddy pulling off some stunts with his Canon S100 and dual S&S YS-D1 strobes.

Relax and reviewing his stunning shots?

Another buddy with his Olympus XZ-1 and dual Inon z240 strobes.

One more pose, buddy!

My life partner and buddy.

My lifetime buddy cum model.

A pose @The Wreck.

One more shot of my faithful buddy.

Posing with a turtle.

Green Turtle

Parting shot!


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