Bali Dive Safari

Arrived in Bali on 21 May 2013 and transferred to Menjangan.  Stayed 2 nights and did 2 days of diving here before moving to Lovina for a night.

Checked out the following morning (24/5) and did 1st dive at Tulamben’s Liberty Wreck.  2nd and night dives were done at nearby Seraya.  Then proceeded to Padang Bai for the night.

Next day (25/5), checked out before our diving.  Did 2 dives at Padang Bai.  One at Tepikong and the other at Lagoon.  For the remaining days in Bali, stayed at Kuta.

Did our last day (26/5) of diving at Nusa Penida.  1st dive at Manta Point and 2nd at Blue Corner.

From 27 to 30 May, rest and relax in Kuta before heading home.

Here are some of the underwater shots taken on this dive safari.

Whip Coral Goby

Nudibranch – Chromodoris Colemani

Anemone Shrimp

Pygmy seahorse

Ribbon Eel

Harlequin Shrimps

Harlequin Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp


Mating Cuttlefish

Coral Crab – Trapezia lutea

Elbow Crab – Harrovia elegans

Elbow Crab – Harrovia elegans

Red Spotted Crab – Trapezia rufopunctata

Dive buddy with his Canon S100 and dual S&S YS-D1 stobes.

White Tip Sharks at Shark Cave, Padang Bai.

Dive guide posing with a stage bottle.

Another shot of the guide and his stage bottle.

Table Coral – Acropora

A small wreck at Padang Bai, Bali.

Bow of the wreck.

Odyssey submarine at Lagoon, Padang Bai.

A mini tornado of small catfish at the wreck @Padang Bai’s Lagoon dive site.

School of small catfish at the wreck.

Buddy chasing the school of catfish round the wreck.

Buddy shooting the school of catfish.

Manta playing among rubbish.

Manta wing breaking surface.

Rubbish laden manta.

Manta enjoying the choppy water.

Kite of the Ocean

Here are a few of the topside shots.

Sunrise @Menjangan, Bali.

Surface Interval on Menjangan Island.

Waiting for night dive @Seraya, Bali.

Fun group of buddies to dive with.

Cliff of Uluwatu, Bali.

Cliff of Uluwatu, Bali.

Someone’s shade bit the dust!


~ by grbenji on 29/05/2013.

2 Responses to “Bali Dive Safari”

  1. It was really a very beautiful picture. really professional. it makes me want to do this activity wherever located. and it looks like Bali is a tourist location that has a lot of spots for diving. What is the ideal pocket camera for this? I am just an amateur diver, and are unfamiliar with DSLR cameras. I just want to know. Whether it can take pictures of sea life by using a pocket camera? information of interest.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and the compliment.

      UW photography is more challenging than topside photography as you need to know how to dive and have good buoyancy control. Point and shoot cameras of course can be used but don’t expect fantastic results. Getting those compact cameras (eg Canon Powershot S120) with full manual control and ability to shoot in RAW will be better. As water absorb red light more than blue, your photo will look bluish as you go deeper unless you invest in strobe(s) to provide artificial lighting. As you can see, investment will go up and setup will get heavier as you want to get better photos.

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