13 July 2014 – Day 2/8 Safari@Tanzania

Woke up early for breakfast at 7am before going on a full day game drive in Ngorongoro Crater. This spectacular collapsed volcanic crater is a truly remarkable area with the densest game population in Africa on its crater floor. However, it was very dusty due to the arid environment. The following photos show the animals spotted here. This was our very first game drive and it was spectacular and exciting, and we left the park for our lodge only at around 4pm.

At the entrance to Ngorongoro National Park.

Waiting for entry permit to Ngorongoro National Park.

Fellow members on the same jeep.

Happy pose for the start of our very 1st game drive.

This baboon is the first animal we saw on this safari trip.

On our way to Ngorongoro crater floor.

A stop for an aerial view of Ngorongoro crater.

Aerial view of Ngorongoro crater.

Another pose before heading down to the crater floor where most of the games were.

Zebras that come close to the jeep.

Zebra is the second most mammals after the wildebeest on the crater floor.

Game drive round the crater floor.

Very fortunate to spot 2 rhinoceros but they were quite far away. Was told there were around 12 of them living in the crater. This uncropped shot was taken with Canon 70-200f2.8 with a 2xTC on a Canon 7D.

Herd of Buffaloes spotted on the crater floor.

Stopped by the lake on the crater floor for lunch.

A pose by the lake full of hippos.

More jeeps brought their guests here for lunch break.

Me and my ride.

My travel companion posing on the 4×4 jeep.

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser from Legendary Expedition.




The terrain going down to the crater floor.

Traveling partner.

Busy capturing all those amazing moments.

Another serious shooter in the group.

Our Singaporean guide, Andy.

Cactus that grow like tree here.

Some serious shooting.

Baboon littered all over the slope.

One of 2 other jeeps traveling with us.


Our friends from Hong Kong, a couple and a family of 4.

Wildebeest, a ugly looking beast!

Wildebeest, member of the antelope family but looked more like a cow.

Thomson’s Gazelle.

Some of these big animals are not shy of tourists.

Up close with a zebra.

Closeup head shot.

Another head shot up close.

More wildebeest.

Grey Crowned Crane

Denhem’s Bustard

Saw the same rhinoceros again.

Resting buffaloes.

Grant’s Gazelle

The very first lion spotted on this trip and the only one spotted in Ngorongoro crater, and it’s sleeping in the bush. So disappointing and we were worried that this was how we could see the lions.

Closeup shot of a buffalo.

The buffaloes shying away.

A bull buffalo turn around and stared at us.

Few ostriches spotted at a distant.

More buffaloes.

A warthog at close range.

Due to its short neck, warthog kneels on its front legs to feed on roots.

Hippos cooling off in the lake during the hot afternoon.

As the water was shallow, the hippos rolled over to cool their back probably to prevent sunburn.

Amazing numbers of weaver bird nests on just a single tree.

Superb Starling

Rufous-tailed Weaver

Rufous-tailed Weaver

A pose with the Hippos.

Curious hippos peeping at the tourists gathered at the lake for lunch.


A lone Spotted Hyena.

The lone Hyena wondered close to the Wildebeest but it wouldn’t stand any chance for a kill.

The first elephant spotted and again like the rhinoceros was at a distant. Other than the more common animals like wildebeest, zebra and buffaloes that came close, our luck at Ngorongoro was just in spotting a hyena.

Many baboons hanging around at the entrance/exit to Ngorongoro National Park.

Having a fight.


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