15 July 2014 – Day4/8 Safari@Tanzania

A full day game drive from dawn to dusk, and spotted the most animals today. Saw the elusive cheetah, 2 brothers resting under a tree. Of the Big 5, saw the buffalo, elephants and a dying lion cub. As for the leopard, only found its half eaten leftover prey hanging from the branches of a tree. Didn’t spot any rhinoceros at Serengeti other than the 2 at Ngorongoro Crater.

Start of a bright new day and everyone was eager for the game drive to begin.

One more group shot before hitting the dirt road.

Shade and cap, very useful for game drive.

Ready to roll.

Lilac-breasted Roller

A large herd of buffaloes.


Tree Hyrax

Another Tree Hyrax.

A dying young lion probably injury while hunting.

Came close to a herd of buffaloes.

What are you chipping at on my belly?

Closeup shot of another one.

Buffaloes are less aggressive when they are in a herd.

A pair of Egyptian Geese.

Mother and calf grazing happily.

The Wildebeest herd is made up of small groups of a male with several females and their calves. Here, the male is look intensely over his family.

Happy family.

A small herd of Impalas.

Found this Wildebeest carcass hanging from a tree.

Gruesome murder! Suspect obviously is a Leopard but no where to be found.

Yellow-throated Longclaw

Ruppell’s Giffon Vultures are the most common vulture here. Whenever they gathered around a carcass, a Marabou Stork can been hanging around too.

Vultures are quarrelsome, they fight even when there is more food than they can chew.

Disgusting too. One here sticking its entire head into the dead wildebeest ass. Ruppell’s Giffon Vulture’s beak isn’t strong enough the tear open the tough hide.

Chasing away another, and the Marabou Stork just standing idling by only all this while.

Marabou Storks feeding in Mara River.

Many Marabou Storks gather along Mara River bank.

Mara River is invested with large crocodiles.

Crocodiles spend large amount of they time sun tanning on the rocks or river banks.

Another croc lying on a rock in the middle of the river.

Ever wonder why croc keeps its mouth open while sun tanning?

Many more crocodiles, not advisable to get close to the water.

Mara River is also shared by Hippopotamus. Hippos and croc are known to have their own separate territories.

Hippos are wary of the croc especially when they have youngs and their jaws and tasks can crush a croc.

Spotted a small group of giraffes.

Giraffe is a magnificent and graceful animal. That doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. A stamp from its leg can kill a lion.

Manage to get quite close the giraffes.

Due to its height, it has to spread its front legs wide in order for its head to reach the ground.

Happily feeding, oblivious to our present.

Survival instinct, be alert even when feeding.

Now, who is watching?

Haha…..saw you!

Ears up and listening.

A small herd of Topis.

Topis (Damaliscus korrigum) are a highly social and fast antelope. They have distinct dark purple patchings on their upper legs and a mask-like dark coloration on the face.

Lucky to see these rare and hard to spot cheetahs. These are 2 young brothers.

Marking its territory with its pee!

A very beautiful animal, the Cheetah.

Always alert as they are no match for lions and leopards.

Scanning left and right.

Guarding over its sleeping brother.

Must be wondering why more and more jeeps surrounding them.

Awoken by our noise probably.

Was told cheetahs bond is very strong. Will hunt and bring back prey for injured sibling till it recovers.

Brotherly love!

Spotted a couple of Topi mixed with some Wildebeest.

Topi is quite shy and not easy to get close.

Stopped at the border between Tanzania and Kenya.

A pose at the border by traveling buddy.

At the top of the jeep for a better view.

Another member up on the top of the jeep.

This stone marks the border between Tanzania and Kenya.

Looking straight ahead is Kenya’s territory.

Me making a pose at the border.

Spotted this herd of elephants heading towards Kenyan’s border.

When we took these shots, we were told that we were already inside Kenya’s territory and had to get out quick before we got ourselves into trouble with their rangers.

Thomson’s Gazelles

Crowned Lapwing

A pair of Crowned Lapwing.

Crowned Lapwing

Top view of its crown while it was drinking

A curious young zebra looking back at us.

Wahlberg’s Eagle

Wahlberg’s Eagle chewing off a chunk of meat

Spread its wings to balance on the swaying canopy.

Thanks to our Legendary Expedition guide Elly, a bird lover himself, who shared his experiences and help identified most of the birds spotted.

Wahlberg’s Eagle is a large bird of prey.

Wahlberg’s Eagle wing span is very wide.

Wahlberg’s Eagle talons are strong and powerful.

Took off after dropping the chunk of meat.

Spotted a second herd of elephants today

A mother elephant leading a group of young calves.

It’s safer to stay in the middle of the herd for the younger elephant.

The mother elephant is weary of us following them.

Female Wildebeest suckles its young.

Spotted this male giraffe. Lost count how many giraffes spotted today.

It moved across the dirt path right in front of our jeep.

Then peeped at us from behind these tall trees.

African Grey Hornbill

Lucky to spot this rather rare African Grey Hornbill perched on the tree.

Took off after a short while probably due to our present.

Vervet Monkey

A male Impala

The male Impala giving us a cautious glance.

Rufous-crowned Roller

Agama agama, many of these lizards can be found on rocks. The male is colourful while the female is dull.

White-headed Buffalo Weaver

Saw a lone Spotted Hyena.

We trailed it and it moved and stopped several times.

Getting up to move again when we got too near for its comfort.

So far only spotted lone hyena, didn’t see any pack of them.

Woolly Necked Stork

Spotted a sleeping leopard. Was very disappointment not able to get a better shot.

Beautiful rocks formation glowing in the evening sun.

These rocks formation is where lions hang out. It gives them a vantage view of the plain.

A beautiful sunset marked the end of another exciting day.


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