17 July 2014 – Day 6/8 Safari@Tanzania

So as not to miss the wildebeest crossing of the Mara River, we woke up very early this morning to set off at 6am. Unfortunately, another very uneventful morning in anticipation of the crossing.

This afternoon, we were transferred to Lemala Kuria Hills, the most luxurious lodge in Northern Serengeti, for our final 2 night stays of the trip. Again we spent an uneventful afternoon by the Mara River. However, on our way back to the lodge, we rushed to the spot where someone had spotted 2 leopards. The day wasn’t lost after all.

Woke up early to another beautiful morning, and another day of stalking the Wildebeest at the Mara River.

The lion cub that we saw 2 days ago had succumbed at last to its injury or illness. Life and death as usual on the safari.

Little Bee-eater

Out of curiosity, we visited the kitchen of our mobile camp.

The chef, tallest guy, and his 2 assistants that whipped up our daily sumptuous meals.

The ration store that was quite well stocked considering our remote location.

Lemala Kuria Hills’ reception. We checked in today for our final 2 stays of the trip.

Behind the reception were the lounge on the left and dining tent on the right. Most beer, wine and spirit were free flow for guests.

The cozy lounge where wifi reception was strongest.

The main pool at Lemala Kuria Hills. Water too cold for a dip. Had our last dinner by the pool.

This path led to our unit. After dark, we needed escort walking to and from our unit. Carrying only a machete, wonder if the escort could really fend off whatever that might attack us. However, did see a guard with an old rifle doing his round after dark.

Our unit, #4

The unit was big, comfy and luxurious just for 2!

View of the unit rear.

Living area in our unit with free whisky.

Super King size bed.

An unobstructed view of the plain from within the unit.

Even had a small pool on the outdoor deck but the water was icy cold.

Comfortable study desk with 4 power outlets, more than sufficient for charging phone, notebook, batteries of camera and torches.

Bathroom with a view. No blind or curtain for privacy, but then who would want to wonder out there?

Bathroom vanity top with dual wash basins. Bottled water were provided for brushing of teeth.

Shower at the outdoor deck probably meant for after a dip in the pool.

Our luxurious bunk!

Nice deck with scenic view for relaxing and sun bathing but we were out for game drive the whole day on both days.

Small but nice and clean pool with deck chairs but highly underused as we were out almost the entire day for game drive, which was what we were here for.

Missing were our friends from Hong Kong as they preferred to stake out at Mara River for the Wildebeest crossing while we took a gamble to check in early to have a look at the most atas resort here plus had a proper lunch than a packed one.

My chatty travel buddy just gotten creative! A hat made from stuff on the dining table!

Another unfruitful day stalking the Wildebeest.

Many more tourists, just like us, spent most of their day staking out under whatever little shade they could find.

Spotted this lonely buffalo. Lone buffalo is usually old or silk and been kicked out of the herd. It can be very aggressive as it knows it’s vulnerable to attack.

Not much action today on the Mara River other than these 2 quarreling Marabou Storks.

Leopard is elusive and difficult to spot. This was a consolation for the day.

It is also difficult to photograph as it’s usually up in the tree and under the canopy where lighting is poor plus obstructed by leaves and branches.

Think it got disturbed by too many people present around the tree.

Time to take cover elsewhere.


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